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Jurassic Base Creatures Listed : In and Not In Rotation

Players Post-2019 Battle Stage Reshuffle would notice a change in the Base Unlock pattern. Some of the Base creatures are unlockable via Battle Stage which are not listed here.

It seems there isn’t a Thread dedicated exclusively for this purpose yet so here goes.


  • In Rotation : Labyrinthodontia, Bonitasaura, Utahraptor, Hatzegopteryx
  • Not In Rotation : Pelecanimimus, Tuojiangosaurus, Coloborhynchus


  • In Rotation : Carnotaurus, Monolophosaurus, Rhamphorhynchus, Gallimimus
  • Not In Rotation : Pyroraptor, Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Nasutoceratops, Corythosaurus, Tyrannotitan

Super Rare

  • In Rotation : Spinosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Ankylosaurus, Kaprosuchus, Velociraptor Gen 2
  • Not In Rotation : Rajasaurus, Metriorhynchus, Aerotitan, Parasaurolophus, Supersaurus, Euoplocephalus


  • In Rotation : Ostafrikasaurus, Microposaurus, Therizinosaurus, Dimorphodon, Tyrannosaurus Gen 2
  • Not In Rotation : Suchomimus, Sarcosuchus, Prionosuchus, Dimetrodon, Shunosaurus, Scaphognathus


  • The Gen 2 Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor are playable for levels 45+ and 25+ respectively in their Gen 2 Fury events to earn just one copy (no unlock), while players 65+ can complete the event to earn an unlock.

  • Supersaurus and Shunosaurus were unlockable in respective brackets of Bracketed Tournaments.

  • Players who did not unlock Common creatures in Rotation but currently in High Levels can do so if they are at 35+ and if a Common Unlock Week comes around. Similarly, 55+ for Rare Unlock Week.

  • Super Rares don’t have Unlock Weeks yet mostly because they are usually not level-based, if they are then after a few weeks they get offered without a level limit. For example, Kaprosuchus sometimes is offered at a particular level range and Microposaurus stands at 55+ but sometimes it is offered without an upper level limit.

  • It was informed that Ludia currently does not have plans for Unlock Events of the creatures not in rotation so the only way to get them is from Prize Wheels and Card Packs.


In case I have missed anything in the List then you can post it here, I’ll edit it in…

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Velociraptor Gen 2 and Tyrannosaurus rex Gen 2


Thanks a ton @Andy_wan_kenobi and @Cave_Johnson, edited it now. :slight_smile:


Very useful

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I did something very similar before you…,Locked Creature Thread

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The intention of this thread was to list out the creatures.

Sorry, it was another thread…Two ideas for unlocking locked creatures

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Oh okay. Seems like I did not think of that. But this thread was made to help new Forum members see a detailed list with the notes alongside instead of an integration with suggestions…

Et voilá

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Pyroraptor. The creature that once broke my heart. @Aether_12 what could next Monday’s unlock be? :wink::joy:

Congratulations. :100:

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Thank you JF. Next unlock maybe Ostafrika

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It’s not next monday its the monday after :smirk:

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I can’t get utharaptor



do you have this list for cenozoic and aquatic also

This i my problem too
Why do u think only those creatures r in rotation :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Cenos that are not part of rotation are deodicurus, entelodon and sarkastodon.

Aquatics that are not part of rotation are elasmosaur, onchopristis, styxosaur, leptocleidus, trinacromerum, kronosaur, baculites and rhizodous.