Jurassic Battle Royale

Dinosaur Battle Royale!

What do dinosaurs do when we’re not looking? Battle Royale edition!

Got any questions? Ask me about the battle!!!


Here are the rules.

1 - Non-Hybrids are not allowed

2 - No Teams. All competitors are on their own.

3 - Group positive effects only apply to the creature making the effect.

4 - I will say when a creature has been defeated to prevent confusion.

5 - Losers are sent to “The Hole” for secret stuff. You’ll find out what happens in The Hole later :wink:


There will be five episodes representing five tiers. Survivor, Beta, Alpha, Elite, and Tyrant. Let’s begin!

The battle begins and all dinos spawn on the map…

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So what’s this do I choose a creature?

Itz a story.

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But you can bet on any of the dinosaurs anyway.

Ahh I didn’t see the rules

Posting tommorow probably. Possibly monday.

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i’m betting on the sauropods

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Why do I find that funny?!

Based of In-Game power BTW.

One of the obvious ones is on my list for the finale.

Poukandactylus needs to w i n

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You can bet more than 1 right?

(I think u can since @Jacelin_the_apato bet on all the sauropods)

I’m betting on albertocevia

I’m also betting on Albertocevia basically all Alberto hybrids and the cute little Rinchicyon

Sure. If you want to. Just no more than THREE (So no chosing everything)

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The Beginning

Diloracheirus - This is cool!!!
Pyrritator - So awesome! I feel like I’m actually there!!!
Albertoceiva - Meh

Ludia DinosaurBot - You will now be teleported. Do not throw up please.

Albertoceiva - Wait whaaaaaaaaaaa- (throws up)

Five minutes later…

Pyrritator - Dilor, Godoilzila? Where are you guys?

Speakers - Welcome to the arena! You have been transported to a random location within the arena. You must survive against 137 other opponents who all have the same goal. To become the last one standing and to win the one million dollar prize! Losers are sent to “The Hole” and cannot win the final prize. Good luck and happy playing!

Pyrritator - That doesn’t sound good…

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Chapter One: Low Survivor

Pyrritator - Welp time to defeat some people. Is that Indom in the distance?
Indominus Rex - Hmm I hope I don’t get defeated first…
Pyrritator - High Pounce!
Indominus Rex - Holy Dirt what the heck!?
Indominus Rex - Cloak!
Pyrritator - What!? Where is he?
Indominus Rex - Hahaha! Armor Piercing Rampage!
Pyrritator - Ouch!!! Distracting Impact!

Indominus Rex was defeated by Pyrritator (Distracting Impact)

In the real world, Indominus Rex is thrown down to The Hole…

Pyrritator - Wow my first defeat! Nice!
Scaphotator - Distracting Impact!

Pyrrititator was defeated by Scaphotator (Distracting Impact)

Scaphotator - Nobody underestimates the true master of Battle Royale…


Coelhaast - Restricted Group Distraction!
Erlikospyx - Precise Rampage!
Coelhaast and Erlikospyx - Ouchie!!!
Coelhaast - Fearless Flap!
Erlikospyx - Revenge Distracting Impact!
Coelhaast and Erlikospyx - Ouchie!!!

Suddenly, Albertoceiva ambushes Erlikospyx and Coelhaast!

Albertoceiva - Swap In Devour Strike!

Coelhaast and Erlikospyx were defeated by Albertoceiva (Swap In Devour Strike)

Meanwhile, In real life, the Losers have been brought to "The Hole"

Coelhaast and Erlikospyx - Where are we?
Indominus Rex - Welcome to “The Hole” friends.
Coelhaast- Wait a minute. Diamond Hot Tub? Infinite Candy Machine? PlayStation Two Million?
Erlikospyx - It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!
Coelhaast - What’s that Omega Infinity TV playing?
Pyrritator - We’re watching all the players that are still in the game.
Erlikospyx - I can’t belive you got killed by Scaph.
Pyrritator - I barely had any health after Indom!
Coelhaast - I’m gonna sleep. My head hurts after you got killed by Scaph.

Chapter One Complete!

I’m gonna gie you guys a favor, select one dinosaur to be eliminated.

Elimination Event
  • Ankylodon
  • Carnotarkus
  • Indoraptor
  • Diploventor
  • Mammolania

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Quetzorion must win

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That was fun and ny (funny)

I bet on Tryko and Albertospinos

Red means there defeated and green means they’ve got a kill(s) even if there defeated