Jurassic Battle Royale

Chapter Two: Middle Survivor

Phorurex - It’s not safe out there so I must hide. (Starts building)
Phorurex - Ah yes all the comforts of life right here!

Suddenly, Phorurex’s Fort collapses…

Phorurex - Seriously? At least my backup fort is still-

Monostegotops and Monolorhino ram into each other, collapsing Phorurex’s Backup Fort

Monostegotops and Monolorhino - Swap In Stunning Strike!
Phorurex - Ooooh! Free defeats!
Phorurex - Cautious Cunning Rampage! Lethal Rampage And Run!

Monostegotops and Monolorhino were defeated by Phorurex (Cautious Cunning Rampage, Lethal Rampage And Run)

Phorurex - At least I’m safe-
Scaphotator - Distracting Impact!

Phorurex was defeated by Scaphotator (Distracting Impact)

Scaphotator - I’m a legendary god peoples!


Spinonyx - What’s that?
Ludia DinosaurBots - The Ludia Eliminator Charge.
Spinonyx - Why is it glowing and pointing at me?
Ludia DinosaurBots - Hold still…
Spinonyx - Wait what!?

The Ludia Eliminator Charge began dissolving Spinonyx’s health points

Spinonyx - Why am I losing health!?

Spinonyx has been eliminated by (LEC weapon)


Coelhaast - Ahhh this is the life.
Spinonyx - That was so unfair! I one second I’m perfectly fine and then I’m eliminated!
Pyrritator - That was strange. The game monitor says you were eliminated with 100% health…
Erlikospyx - Somebody has to be the Impostor!
Spinonyx - Erlikospyx, just stop…
Indominus Rex - What’s that screaming sound?
Monostegotops - You can stop now.
Monolorhino - Why did you not tell me?
Monostegotops - I did tell you. Like twelve times.
Monolorhino - Ohhhhhh

Meanwhile, in the middle of a literal war…

Glyptoceras - I shall defeat you! Critical Rampage!
Bajatonodon - Group Instant Invincibility!
Glyptoceras - Dang it!
Purutaurus - Fierce Impact!
Glyptoceras - Ouch!
Stygidaryx - Merciless Alert!
Glyptoceras - Ouch!

Thylaconyx jumps out of a bush and attacks Bajatonodon!

Thylaconyx - Swap In Savagery!

Bajatonodon was defeated by Thylaconyx (Swap In Savagery)

Thylaconyx - Devouring Wound!
Stygidaryx - Ouchie!

Glyptoceras was defeated by Stygidaryx (Damage Over Time)

Thylaconyx - Skirmish!

Stygidaryx and Purutaurus were defeated by Thylaconyx (Skirmish)

Thylaconyx - Wow this is super fun! This tooth practice works perfectly!
Scaphotator - Distracting Impact!

Thylaconyx was defeated by Scaphotator (Distracting Impact)

Scaphotator - Hahaha I’m a legendary diamond pro god.

Everyone in The Hole - wow…

Meanwhile again
Indoraptor - I am gonna be so good at winning and i’ll have cool bragging rights too and-

Indoraptor has been defeated by Ludia DinosaurBot (Community Votes)

Indoraptor - WHAT!?

The End!

@Albertoplays111 if you can could you update the chart?


I love how scaphotator is killing everyone

I think I got everyone that was eliminated and got points (white means they weren’t defeated by a creature)

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Wow there are so many creatures for me to eliminate :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


Not quetzorion tho…

cmon albertoS youve got this

Maybe… It will battle Rinchi soon.

Chapter Three: High Survivor

Quetzorion - Hopefully I can escape on this train…
Rinchicyon - Sneak Attack!
Quetzorion - Holy dirt what the heck!?
Rinchicyon - Fierce Impact!
Quetzorion - Sidestep!
Rinchicyon - Devious Strike!
Quetzorion - This isn’t going good…
Rinchicyon - I’ll be back… Alert Safety Rampage!
Quetzorion - Ouch!

Rinchicyon quickly backflips off the train into the lake below the tracks…

Quetzorion - Is he-

Suddenly, Rinchicyon flies away with a turbo rocket…

Quetzorion - Hmm at least I have something to think about for now…


Scaphotator - Hahaha nobody with ever defeat me!
Tarbognathus - Are you sure about that?
Scaphotator - Stay away or I will steal your powers!
Tarbognathus - Alert Surge!
Scaphotator - Oh no you dont

Scaphotator now has harnessed Tarbognathus’s powers! He can now become a flock!

Tarbognathus - Where are my buddies?
Scaphotator - I harnessed your powers! Surrender or else!

Suddenly, Scaphotator summons two other Scaphotators from thin air!

Tarbognathus - What the-
Scaphotator - Omega Scapho Attack!

Tarbognathus suddenly turns pink and explodes into apples!

Scaphotator - Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahhah

Indominus Rex - Dang this place is getting crowded.
Tarbognathus - I’m extra scared now…
Pyrritator - Same.

The End!

Guys just so you know the three Scorps will fight Scaph. Tune in tommorow to find out the beginning of Beta tier!


Chose 2 to fight!

  • Gigaspikasaur
  • Albertoceiva
  • Scaphotator
  • Megalosuchus
  • Tragodigists

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Yay I didn’t die

scaph is a little op

Go Rinchicyon!, also I’m kinda disappointed that phorurex hasn’t eaten a bagel yet

(I’m updating the chart)

Yellow means they have other creatures powers

And taco idk if it was defeated by a creature so I just put red and white


Albertoceiva will fight against Scaphotator! (Later)

Scaphy better kill it.

@koola888 anymore fights?

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Just saw the heart message! :heart:

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My bet was correct, none of the sauropods have been defeated yet

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Random text #62
@Jacelin_the_apato is betting on all the sauropods

Sauropod is now planned to be eliminated next round.

Choose Sauropod

  • Ardontosaurus
  • Skoonasaurus
  • Gigaspikasaur
  • Geminititan
  • Nodopatosaurus
  • Ardentismaxima
  • Nodopatotitan
  • All Of The Above

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