Jurassic Battle Royale

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Chapter Four: Low Beta

Albertoceiva - Hmm I’m sleepy…

Ludia DinosaurBot - Please do not throw up.

Albertoceiva - Wait whaaaaaaaaaaa- (throws up)

Suddenly, Albertoceiva was in a gladiator arena in ancient rome with Scaphotator!

Scaphotator - DIE BOI
Albertoceiva - Instant Ferocious Revenge!
Scaphotator - Absorb powers!
Scaphotator - Instant Ferocious Revenge! Flock Attack!
Albertoceiva - Double ouchie!
Scaphotator - Instant Meteor Crash!

Suddenly, Meteors fell from the sky and exploded the arena!

Scaphotator - Wait, why is everything laggy?
Albertoceiva - Yeah there are random science code stuff everywhere…

Suddenly, Monomimus hacks into the arena!

Monomimus - HhahhHAHahHHAHahHHHAhHAHhahAHahahHAha
Monomimus - I will hack one of you into a gemstone!
Scaphotator - Whos?
Albertoceiva - Hurry-

Suddenly, Albertoceiva is hacked into a gemstone!

Monomimus - Take this…
Scaphotator - For what?
Monomimus - Use it to guide yourself…

Albertoceiva - What the heck where am I?
??? - Welcome to the Gemstone…
Albertoceiva - What do I do here?
??? - Annoy the heck out of Scaphotator with gem power!

Bajatonodon - Hmm I’m bored…
Thylaconyx - Yes the only thing this TV plays is old potato ads…
Stygidaryx - Guys I see a hole in the roof!
Tarbognathus - How are we supposed to get there?
Stygidaryx - Why are you guys looking at me like that?

A few painful seconds later…

Coelhaast - Haha piggyback ride!!!
Thylaconyx - You know you can fly right?
Coelhaast - Oh right…
Stygidaryx - Do you want me to go or what my bones are exploding here people…
Spinonyx - Hurry up to the hole!

A few seconds later, and they were outside!

Erlikospyx - Yes! The plan worked!
Spinonyx - Wait where are we though…

Ludia MechaDino - Please return to room or else…

Suddenly, Ludia MechaDino fires a super laser!

Erlikospyx - Guys we got to run back!

A few seconds of running later…

Thylaconyx - Oh well, we’re stuck here for now…
Erlikospyx - Yup.

The End!

sauropods will be eliminated soon…

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Looks at Skoona

‘I never liked you’

aims at it

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Glide, but it’s still funny

This part of the story makes no sense to me

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Big Purple means they’re in Gemstone, small purple means they have Gemstone


The Scorp triplets will gang up against Scaph with a 1000000 IQ play.

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:cold_sweat: :grimacing:


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me when I saw this :cold_face:

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me when I saw this

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Maybe they kill him?

Scaphotator and Monomimus hacking albertocevia into the gemstone

(Technically Monomimus was the one to hack but who really cares (the photo didn’t focus) )


Guys I’ll be away for a while aso no stories today or on weekend. Chapter Five: High Beta will start on monday.

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Well people, I’m back! Next chapter comin soon.

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10 char

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@koola888 :expressionless:

Sorry peoples. It seems Koolasuchus has used Distracting Impact on me!

Chapter Five: High Beta

Albertoceiva’s Spirit - Haha you’re gonna lose! Scaph-SLURP-otator!
Scaphotator - What are you eating?
Albertoceiva’s Spirit - Spicy Octopus Ramen. It actually tastes very good…
Albertoceiva - (Random letters and words)
Scaphotator - Bro can you stop-
Albertoceiva - (Random letters and words)
Albertoceiva - (Random letters and words)


Scorpios Rex - Hmm I hear Scaph is killing everyone…
Scorpios Rex Gen 2 - Yes we need to deal with this quickly before it becomes a problem.
Scorpios Rex - How are we supposed to do this?
Scorpios Rex Gen 3 - It’s obvious. We’re gonna do a 1,000,000 IQ play…

A few spy montages later…

Scorpios Rex - Target in sight. Sending imagery.
Scorpios Rex Gen 3 -Releasing Q.U.I.L.L Strike.

Suddenly, a swarm of Quills appear out of nowhere!

Scaphotator - Absorb powers!

Scaphotator redirects the Q.U.I.L.Ls away from himself!

Scorpios Rex Gen 2 - Hmm time to use plan B…
Scorpios Rex - Full out rampage?
Scorpios Rex Gen 2 - Yup.

Scorpios Rex and Scorpios Rex Gen 3 - Critical Ambush!
Scorpios Rex Gen 2 - Defensive Swap-In!
Scaphotator - What the-
Scorpios Rex - Lethal Quill Shot!
Scorpios Rex Gen 2 - Quill Impact!
Scorpios Rex Gen 3 - Toxic Quills!

Scaphotator - Absorb-
Albertoceiva’s Spirit - Oh no you don’t…
Scaphotator - Oh no I’m stuck with me garbage abilities!
Scaphotator - Time for an INFINITE IQ PLAY!!!
Scaphotator - (Hacks into Battle Royale Code)
Scorpios Rex and Scorpios Rex Gen 2 - What the-

Suddenly, Scorpios Rex and Scorpios Rex Gen 2 are hacked into a infinity bagel!

Scorpios Rex Gen 3 - Don’t hurt me please!
Scaphotator - Go away you-
Albertoceiva’s Spirit - Hahahahha I shall teleport you to Aviary!!! Muahahahahhahhahhahahah!

The End

@Albertoplays111 was that good?