Jurassic Battle Royale

Lol completely forgot to update the chart, working on it! :saluting_face:

Not much happened @koola888 next turn can u eliminate more? Maybe 5 or 7


Have been

Oh… I seem to have been hit by the following.

Swap In Distraction
Cunning Strike
Cunning Impact
Cunning Rampage
Distracting Strike
Distracting Impact
Distracting Rampage
Revenge Distracting Strike
Revenge Distracting Impact
Delayed Revenge Distracting Rampage
Determined Strike
Daring Strike
Cautious Strike
Cautious Impact
Cautious Rampage
Devious Strike
Alert Distracting Impact
Precise Distracting Impact
High Pounce
Precise Pounce
Alert Counter Distraction
Restricted Group Distraction
Alert Scurry
Alert Shattering Impact
Camouflage On Escape
Cautious Cunning Rampage
Critical Ambush
Dehibilating Distraction
Defensive Swap In
Delayed Cunning Rampage
Distracting Revenge Blow
Evasive Cunning Impact
Instant Cunning Strike
Group Accelerate Cunning Strike
Tough Group Cunning Strike
Group Cunning Impact
Group Cunning Rampage
Fearless Flap
Fearless Alert
Group Distraction
Instant Group Distraction
Instant Ambush
Instant Distraction
Lethal Quill Shot
Piercing Screech
Protective Alert
Quill Impact
Slippery Alert
Sly Rampage And Run
Super Distraction
Toxic Quills
Venomous Counter
Alert Nullification

Was that all of them? I don’t know because I was Distracted


Lol, I think that’s all

But if u wanna count icons that make no sense u can count instant Rumble and Group warning Squeal

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@koola888, koolasuchus888 ur still hit by

Chapter Whatever

Ludia DinosaurBot - I hit the pause button hehehehehehe

I had a camping trip

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Oh so this guy did hit the pause button :stuck_out_tongue:


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Welp I guess this thread is gonna die like the other ones

Ah yes… Goodbye thread!!!

Why all my actually good threads die like this? Oh well.

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Oh well this just got super dead and we’ll never see it again