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Jurassic builder transfer

I’ve been playing Jurassic builder, it’s recently closed down… The last thing I remember it saying to me was something about being able to transfer my account info to one of the other newer games, like Jurassic world the game… So before I try anything crazy and lose my stuff or mess it up, I was wondering if I could get some help with this subject please…

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I don’t know if anyone here is able help you.
Best is you contact @Ned. He is a member of the Ludia team and can tell you what to do. Most probably he will ask you to contact their support.
Good luck.


Thank you… It just seems very pointless to be forced into starting all over again…

Hey Kyle123, if you had already been in contact with our support team, could you continue your messages with our team? They would be happy to assist you further with this.

Our team can also be reached at I hope this helps!