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Jurassic Curiosity: Spinosaurus

Everyone knows about Spinosaurus. It is one of my favorite dinosaurs.
But what exactly do you know about Spinosaurus?
Let’s see what you know?

The first to answer correctly has won.
I’ll find out if you Google! :smiling_imp:


10 spinos

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I think you wanted to write Egypt no “Eqypt”
Anyway, here is the prize to put as a profile photo.

Dear @Antwan , you have won.

Yay cool!

10 chars

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The image is very cool. :wink:

I wonder where I got it from :crazy_face:


ha ha ha I wonder too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course it’s from India. :india: The Spinosaurus aegyptiacus is only for namesake display. :crazy_face:


Hahahahahaha you make me die every time

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Well, there is even Spinosaurus moroccanus…

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True, but let’s not break the dreams of @Jurassic_Fury

Yes, but the question was about where it was first found

More importantly Moroccanus is described as a quadruped which Is still controversial to say the least

I know that it was in fact a giant tadpole.