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Jurassic Elite has one spot open


About us:
• We consistently hit 4/4 or 5/4 weekly
• Check trophies to see who’s active
• Are an international alliance
• Have a few top 500 players
• Have an optional facebook messenger chat (we recommend but dont enforce using it)

Looking for:
• 3000+ trophies (preferably level 15+)
• Daily active players who both dart and battle

If we sound like a good fit feel free to apply! If the alliance is full you can apply still, as we have a few inactive members to remove who haven’t played since 1.7 started


How many openings?


Looking like 8 or 9


Damn. I’m sorry to hear. Y’all were a great team to be on.


How many of there are you? If its because of how open we are i could let you know when we are closer to 50. Looking to fill those spots quick



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