Jurassic Extinction is recruiting

Are you an active player that is looking for an Alliance? Since the 1.7 update, we have lost some of our active members out of frustration with the game and are looking to fill those spots with active players. Jurassic Extinction (Rank 4/3 Rewards) is seeking players that are willing to contribute towards donations, weekly Alliance missions, and engaging discussions. We have one primary rule in place to improve the playing experience for everyone. If you request DNA, you must contribute to others. No freeloading allowed.

Recently, I have setup a Discord server for better communication than what the in-game option offers but players are not required to join it. It is there if you wish to join it. Finally, until a better method of identifying who is no longer active has been implemented into the game, I will post in-game for members to say something in chat to prove that they are still active. After a few days have passed, those who have not said a thing are removed from the Alliance. This ensures that we have active players contributing where they can. These purges are done at the beginning of each month.

If you are interested, feel free to send me a private message on here with your player name and tag # (IE: playername#1234). Please do not apply without messaging first as most will not be accepted that way. There are a lot of bots that we’d like to weed out and avoid.

11 spots available for active players! Bonus if you use Discord. :slight_smile: