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Jurassic funny!

Gorgosuchus the funny hybrid…


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I Wish I got the humour

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Yeah i didn’t get it too. However looks funny.

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Unfortunately, I do not understand the humour.

The humour is that the tapejalosaurus defeated the gorgosuchus…

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The strongest amphibian in the game…

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Thats because of type advantage

I know, is because the gorgosuchus doesn’t have much attack, by my calculations he needs 3 hits to defeat the bird.

The bird needs 4 hits to take out Gorgosuchus.

Not very funny…anything with over 462 damage kill 8 hit the Gorgosuchus.

With the advantage added,even quicker

The problem is when the opponent has a block lol

You should know if they have a block. I don’t see how Gorgosuchus dying is funny.

I think it’s funny he crashing on the floor :smiling_imp:

I feel like this post might get closed soon. Might just be me though.

I think he wants to say that the strongest legendary amphibious hybrid is defeated by a rare hybrid (leave aside the class advantage and 8 action points) so it’s funny. …

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We need stronger amphibians…

Ya we do…

This is a dragonfly
images (14)

This is a mosquito
download (18)


That’s a BIG necro you got there. And thanks for reminding me about this thread!

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