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Jurassic lineup update

Didnt want to derail the infinite battle thread and posting on my own thread created in january would have probably been closed due to necroposting, as requested by @Cagkan_Coskun here is the top of my lineup all the way down to tournament legendaries…

I am very eager to jump my gorgos and quetz to 21 :grimacing:

Been adding alot of tournament hybrids since January however my focus has been split across cenozoics and aquatics also, plus the fact I do not like letting my dna reserves get very low, under 400k is uncomfortable grounds for me lol.


Me who hasn’t even had 100k DNA.

All in all your lineup is :100: :fire:. I love it


That’s just … envy isn’t a strong enough word. :green_heart::green_heart:. Superb.

Interested to see that I. rex gen 2 is at much higher ferocity than I. Rex gen 1 would be (which is not too far above Osta L20)


Funny you mention irex g2 I’d just finished fusing mine to 30 and she is way stronger than the gen 1 for the same dna cost (however her cooldown will be longer)

Cheers for the kind words guys much appreciated :love_you_gesture:


That was so freaking worth it! I’m feeling like I’ve finally watched one of the most anticipated season finale of a worldwide known series and got hugely satisfied. 🤌

Sionsith has a league of titans kinda line up we all admire but reachable? I’m not that sure of. :sweat_smile: So I’ve decided that I’m a Reece wannabe from now on. :joy:

I also admire your patience with the tourneys as you have maxed out a quite number of 'em already. I really want to do that before my top ferocity goes too wild and look at 'em with some “yeah whatever” kinda look. :grimacing:

And also, I find your aspect so realistic as keeping a carnivore abundant roster since the game is so very dependent to carnivores. Even when you try to use squads with a single main which is a carnivore, then you are 90% ok with 'em tourney runs. That simple. Try this by using a really strong main but an herbivore this time, you’ll get my point lightning fast. :cloud_with_lightning:

But also you are having a nice future plan as sneaking in some Gorgosuchus to your top 10 by leveling them up. Then you will be all ok (more than ok actually), since you already have a nice top with decent diversity of every kind.

All you need to do is to sprinkle some high end amphibians on your squad over your forearm, like the saltbae does with a pinch of salt to his juicy meat. :joy:


I am but an apprentice of @Sionsith , I hope to one day reach that status, if we were to measure depth of creatures currently I am the loch ness whereas sionsith is the Mariana trench :crazy_face:

I’m not sure I would have been this dedicated to building my lineup if it wasnt for you guys here and the community so thank you all.

And also sionsiths videos were a huge inspiration to this, the way that he plans and structures the game is brilliant, I hope that one day he returns to making content aswell :crossed_fingers:


Haha noice.

Unless they add some new “real” content to this game, like new modes, new challenges, new mechanisms, sadly I don’t think so. 'Cause it is doing the same thing over and over, so sadly there is no point in trying hard to create new episodes upon it.

Yeah we all agree that he has a charismatically deep voice and an inspiring playing style, but Ludia should definitely make something more to keep him motivated. Otherwise his videos become nothing more than an ASMR. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Did you like the elasmosaur and megalodon reference :joy:

And true, it’s been a while since weve had a new jurassic hybrid hasnt it? :tired_face:


Of course my man, that noice was used for nice touch. :facepunch::wink:

Yeah sure, but not only that. I really see something “new”. Sure I’m afraid of some new vicious bugs along with it but this game needs to evolve into something bigger than a simple farming simulator.


Lunatic level of mindstorms imminent beyond this line.

  • Use that volcano for example, make it erupt randomly during a week of gaming, like once, then let us save our dinos by moving their paddocks away from raining lava. The more we save, the more we earn DNAs. Let the rest we couldn’t save go into cooldown as they heal back. It could add a new breath to the code reds as a different feature.

  • Make them story missions live as providing a chance of interaction with the paddocks, like if it says we need to investigate the Raptor paddocks then let us really do it. Add some new mechanics as we track down an escaped Velociraptor and reward us regardingly if we manage to collect all the clues and contain it back.

  • Make IRex great again! Yeah I’m not a candidate for president or so, but we all know that she is more than a dinosaur. She is the codename of mayhem, queen of chaos and destruction. Then why we have her just to open a gate towards the mighty IRaptors? Let her have much more of a role. Unleash her off her chains. And let us deal with the chaos that follows. When we open up the game for example, create a warning popping up saying IRex is gone. And now she is hunting for sports. Let us lose herbivores while containing it back. Yeah, looks bitter I know, but think about the excitement you feel while you are on the verge of losing some hardly earned herbivores and trying to dominate her down. “Indomitable” nickname needs a redemption.

  • Add a feature about the overall health of the park. Like we need to track the vitality of our creatures. Add some mini games that we help our creatures which are suffering from an health issue.

  • Add day and night cycles, changing due to our local time. Add stormy weathers that all of our creatures go alert and wild in their paddocks. Add raining downpours and let us live the anxiety through it, as we wait for it to pass by before anything bad happens. Like the electricity disruptions occur at some paddocks and let us work on it by a series of mini games before the regarding creatures escape.

  • Give Owen a much bigger role. Like letting us discover new species side by side with him. For example are you gonna add a new hybrid to the game? Then add it with a story mission instead of announcing it by a simple picture. Let us track her down into Dr. Wu’s office, having the blueprints and finally having her first copy. This could take a while like a week for example, as a week long tourney. Tourneys are not the only way for it.

  • Use that wide range of ocean view. We are meaninglessly scrolling around at the oceans that surrounds the both islands. I’ve been looking for an easter egg for a long time if there is some for instance, yeah so sad, I know. But a man could dream yes? Add some aquatic mini games, like code reds. Let us track down an escaped aquatic around the island before its too late. Or create another mini game that we can collect DNA samples from the bottom of a deep trench around the island. Like a mini diving operation.

  • Add some “Park is now open.” feature. Give us that lively park atmosphere, for a day of the week, let us deal with the visitors coming at our park. Add some mini games special for this day and let us maintain the overall health of the visitors during the whole day. Add a bar for example that is getting filled by the overall satisfaction of the customers. Then reward us in bucks, food etc. as of that day’s income. As a mini game example, we can use that Mosasaurus stand to create a showdown in which we amaze our guests while feeding them with sharks. Tappings and slidings should not be hard to implement but in a new modified way.

List could go on, I could create ideas till the first sun light. And all of it arises from the core that still burning inside me, formed long ago by my childhood dreams. :thought_balloon:

Since this is your line up reveal thread, I don’t wanna derail it by these but actually I didn’t want to create another topic for this matter only, as I don’t really believe any of these will ever happen since no one would bother implementing such stuff and dealing with their potential system needings, so the bugs they eventually create.

So I’m really sorry if I’m breaking forum rules in any way, but I’ve added this as nothing but a small detail to my previous thoughts up ahead, about that this game needs more than an high end amphibian hybrid. :man_shrugging:t2:

I hope you soon embrace your most wanted reef tourney hybrid and that undisputed high end amphibian. :slight_smile:


It’s wonderful @Aether_12, I admire your self control of not yeeting some of those to higher levels :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Indoraptor when? :wink:


I know right? He is in the peak of a roster. Any single touch would turn that into an erupting volcano! :sweat_smile:

I bet in a couple of months at max, sadly still a long way for me to go before doing that.

Admire levels going up.


looking at your lineup amphibians are in good numbers… have you ever thought about evolving the VIPs to level 40 and level up koolasaurus to lv 40 (1 day and 10 hours cooldown)?

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When I run out of dna :wink:

Will be working on it, and ostapo to 40 too