Jurassic loyalty

I’m not really a fan on loyalty points, but tempted to get 10,000 points and spend it on one of the VIP packs to get a VIP animal. I’m currently at around 6,000. Do you guys have any tips on how to get more points? And more importantly, would it even be worth it to buy that pack?

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Best ways to receive VIP points are completing challenges, tournaments and trading them against food, dollars, decorations or buildings.
If you are not already one you should consider a VIP membership which gives you twice the VIP reward in challenges and tournaments.
In the 10k pack you get the most return for your investment, so it is absolutely the best investment for your points. In my first year as dino trainer I bought a 10k pack each time I was able to.


The 10k VIP packs are heads-and-shoulders the best purchase in the game. They give the best creatures with the shortest cooldown. I don’t use my loyalty points for anything except those 10k packs.


I also use my points exclusively for the 10K VIP packs as well as playing the lottery, and unlocking the diamond prize.

PvP matches are a great way to get loyalty points. They are probably what I land on the most other than gold or food, and with the VIP multiplier, if you do a lot of matches it can add up quickly. The VIP membership definitely has been worth it to me for how much I’ve been able to level my points up to get the packs. And you get a sizeable bonus back when you open the pack as well so it’s really not 10K in cost to get one.


VIP gold packs, by far, the best purchase with loyalty points

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Usually the week before a new monthly 50k VIP pack becomes available, I begin to save up to get it at least once, because they offer a good creature and the resources they give are a lot.

After that, i mainly spend VIP points on the 10k packs for the same reasons other do, they offer good VIP creatures, and in a week with VIP membership, you’ll usually get enough to buy two 10k packs a week.
And if it’s a VIP creature I’ve already maxed out, like Tylosaur, i either sell for bucks or DNA.

It is better to buy the pack with 50+ dinos. dont do the other one for 20000