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Jurassic Lures


Have you ever thought of creating lures, so that when we are at work we can get different types of dinosaurs to us? As an incentive it would surely get use for the more sedentary players plus may encourage a little more spending from us. I mean the lure may bring in a dino we need to create or bring it up to create other hybrids.


I guess this will eventually be implemented. Goat and fern.


Try Pokemon Go, they have lures…


But he wants to play with dinosaurs not Pokemon…


Honestly, we could really use something like this.

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I mean I’d much rather dinosaur go :joy:
Lures would be awesome. I saw someone call them ‘Flares’ and I think thats a bomb diggity idea.

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But then we’d only attract Rexes XD

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I think it would be interesting to make baits in a different way, not as an attraction on the Pokémon. Maybe something like sheep to attract carnivorous dinosaurs and specific leaves to attract herbivores.

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The walking dead our world has flares :grimacing:


Lures, definitely a good idea.

Would be nice if we could lure those dinos that are just out of range, or that we can’t quite get to.

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Let’s keep this discussion going. It’s time. I sure would like to be able to lure that epic, that I just can’t reach!


I’ll second that! I had a barry juuuuust out of reach the other night and would have loved a way to attract it inside the circle.


Yes! Sometimes I’ll be stuck at home or work and can’t leave, or can’t get to the dino because of construction.

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