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Jurassic Park 3 Strike Tower - How Much Epic DNA Did You Get?

I got 2 (yes, 2!) Tyrannosaurus rex and about 386 Pteranodon… Ugh, I really need more rex DNA :frowning:

I got a roughly equal mix of both. I need both anyway, although I do have way more Pteranodon these days…

Mostly Rex, around a hundred Spino G2.

I got 7 Ptera and the rest Spino. No Rex. :frowning:

I got 12 spino and the rest was Rex. Somewhere in the 130 range.

Got 238 T. Rex DNA and the rest spino GEN 2

This epic strike was very easy!


I got roughly equal amounts of spino and pterano - which sucks because I already have about 25K of each and don’t even dart the things anymore.

Got 354 Rex

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Got ptera and spino …