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Jurassic Park Builder Funeral

Hey guys. I know it has been like 2 months since Jurassic Park Builder has been shutdown cause I haven’t thought of an idea until today about this. I just hope you understand. Please enjoy this moment to mourn the game. Enjoy!

(Every creatures from Jurassic world the game, and alive from Paleozoic to Cenozoic including Aquatics has arrived at the funeral to say goodbye to Jurassic World The Game. Even the Obscure creature, like Zby and Vallibonavenatrix, has arrived to mourn the death of the game)

Tyrannosaurus: Thanks for coming. Please come in.

Proceratomimus: Hey, T-rex. We just want to thank you for inviting us. We really mean it.

Dracoceratops: We feel sorry that your game has been shutdown after like 8 years for it to come.

Tyrannosaurus: No problem, fellas. I really appreciate the help y’all got. Please help yourself with some food and drink. They’re at the table.

Proceratomimus: Thanks. We will.

(Triceratops walks up to Tyrannosaurus with a little bit of tears in its eye)

Triceratops: I’m really going to miss it. All this fun time we got. Fighting, eating and other stuff we got in Jurassic Park Builder.

Tyrannosaurus: We all our Triceratops.

(Just then, Spinosaurus was standing at a stand with a microphone on a stand)

Spinosaurus: Attention! Can I have everyone here at front of the stand please?

Tyrannosaurus: C’mon. It’s about to start.

Triceratops: Right ahead with you.

(Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops sit in the middle section of the row)

Spinosaurus: Ahem. I like to thank every creatures for coming here. Aquatics, Paleozoic, Cenozoic, and Mesozoic for coming here. Along with our special guests, the hybrids and superhybrids from Jurassic World Alive, and The Game. Please welcome them.
Now before we begin the funeral, does anyone want to say something?

(Gigantopithecus stands up)

Gigantopithecus: I enjoy being part of the family for Jurassic Park and World. I really miss the game because of how fun it was, and truly outstanding. Ludia did a great job on this game, which makes me happy about it. Thank you.

(Gigantopithecus sits down. Anomalocaris swam up)

Anomalocaris: We all have fun with the game no matter what sizes, shapes, and others we got. Were we use some abilities, like back flopping around opponents, turn into a ball, and create a little tornado for fun. It was really fun, and enjoyable to do when fighting against creatures.

(Iguanodon stands up)

Iguanodon: Jurassic Park Builder will always be in everyone’s heart no matter how much you hate it or love it. It’s good to know a game that let you fight in the tournament, and others.

Spinosaurus: Thank you to everyone for mourning the death of this great game. And now, it’s time for Tyrannosaurus to make a speech.

(Tyrannosaurus came up to the stand)

Tyrannosaurus: Thank you, Spinosaurus. I will like to thank y’all for coming here like Spinosaurus mention before. It really means everything to me, and to Jurassic Park Builder creatures. We just appreciate the obscure creatures, hybrids, and superhybrid to come especially aquatics. Jurassic Park Builder has always been in our heart for the generations, and are sad to see it to be gone forever. Thank you Ludia for making the game great. Thank you.

(Tyrannosaurus went down from the stand)

Spinosaurus: Thank you, Tyrannosaurus. Now, we will place the coffin underground with a tombstone that says “R.I.P Jurassic Park Builder”. Pterosaurs, will y’all do the honor?

(Quetzalcoatlus, Pteranodon, Cryodrakon, and Tapejara lift the coffin up together by using ropes, so it’ll be easier for them to lift. They start to fly over where the tombstone is being dug by an aardvark. Everyone begin to hug each other, and cried after the coffin is being in place)

Triceratops: What a fun time we’ve been getting to together.

Tyrannosaurus: It sure was, Triceratops. It sure was.

(Triceratops hugs Tyrannosaurus in tears. Tyrannosaurus hugs back)

Hope y’all like it.


funny. but I wish it was not shut down. :sob: :sob: :sob:

How’s it funny?

I have no idea

Is it because of Dracoceratops and Proceratomimus?


I loved this game. I played it many years ago, and I stopped when it started becoming too big for my 16gb phone (Samsung Galaxy SII). I wasn’t on a Facebook account so my progress was lost. I still remember it tho, it was a great game…


Also it was the first Ludia game I played. I also played Rise of Berk and JWTG. Ofc now I play JWA

I used to play those. I was thinking of playing JWTG again


Btw you made a typo, funereal instead of funeral

Did I? Oh I did. Edit it


Just so you guys know. Everyone is at the funeral. It’s just that they don’t have a line. Titanoboa, Stegosaurus, Entelomoth, Indoraptor gen 2, and Argentavis are an example.


With those arms, he’d barely be able to


I loved that game and i played it a lot.

I actually started with JPB too, but only for a little while, since our internet connection back then was pretty bad.

Then I started playing RoB, and I played it religiously for what felt like ages, until I lost all my progress one day because I hadn’t merged my main account with my Fb account.

I also started playing JPB and JWTG after that, for quite a while.

Now the only Ludia game I play is JWA, for… reasons. I still have my JWTG account with 10 level 10 Indominus rexes, but I don’t have the time to play more than one game and keep up with my studies.

In any case, RIP Jurassic Park Builder.


I’ll miss JPB but at least JWTG exists, I’ll come back to it IF they make proceratosaurus the way the did pterodactylus (Formerly a VIP only but now you can get them in solid gold packs). Honestly it is extremely unfair that the VIP exclusive dino packs cost 50,000 loyalty points, that’s 5 solid gold packs, Ludia, the vip only creatures can stay but make them avalliable for free players too. How about this: You can have them in the solid gold packs but you’ll have a extremely slim chance to get them. So things like Proceratosaurus, Pterodaustro and Arcocanthosaurus will be avalible for everyone but you have a slim chance to get them (So maybe like a 2-5% chance?)

At least


Another heads up, creatures that are not in both games, like Oviraptor and Styracosaurus, are also at the funeral


pats fist to chest

JPB is in a better place now

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I agree, man

Since pterosaurs are lifting the coffin maybe tapejalosaurus and I could be included? Not to brag but I have the strongest wingbeats of all pterosaurs so wouldn’t it make sense for me to help carry the coffin?