Jurassic Park Builder is closing

We can’t find Jurassic Park Builder at Google Play store any more. I found out that Ludia decided to discontinue it .

Although its popularity was being decreasing the recent years , especially because of JWTG and JWA , I believe that it is good to mention some thoughts about that . It was the game that initiated many people (me too) to the world of Jurassic Park movies and to the experience of creating parks with dinosaurs . Yes, its grafics weren’t the greatest and the battle system was hard to understand, but it had many great characteristics too , like the fan and worthy Red Code and the Cars-visitors crossing all the park!

I just hope Jurassic World The Game to use or add all the good things of the older isla Nublar park . Also , I think that an event at JWTG, in the memory of JPB, is something appropriate for the situation. Thank you Jurassic Park Builder for everything you gave us!


I know man. if you need someone to talk to it about DM me and I’ll understand :broken_heart: I played JPB for years and spent around 200$ on the game so I get it​:sob:

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I got about 6000 dollars