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Oh grant looks amazing! Kinda forgot he was even going to have a figure lol, and the detail in the hat is incredible as well! And the ray Arnold thing looks great too, all but the raptor… literally any other raptor pose would have been better than the crouching one imo, and even with the paint job being a little odd I’m honestly fine with it, and it’s like a comic con exclusive right? I remember reading a post saying that but I dont recall what it said entirely. Either way cant wait for these new figures to be released


correct about comic con.

it’s an awesome display. too bad it is not an original raptor design for this set. they keep repainting so many raptors and putting them out. i stopped collecting because there are so many with different paint jobs.

Grant looks really good. I can’t wait to see Muldoon. I wonder if they’ll do a younger and old Henry Wu haha

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Found some more pics on collectjurassic. If grant wasn’t going to have the raptor claw as an accessory I was going to be upset. This is pretty cool.



Honestly, with all the rex sets that are out, I’m just gonna have a closet full of them lol I already own 3-4 rexes, but with the new sets like the capture gear rex and the t rex breakout scene one with timmy I’m debating on buying them since kndont want my collection to be composed entirely of rexes. But then it’s kind if inevitable since rexy is the star of the franchise lol

And agreed, I’m very happy with how they included it

I don’t really have many memorabilia from the Jurassic Franchise, but I do have quite a few Switch & Go Dinos

I know most of them are damaged, but at least they are still intact! :sweat_smile:

(These are their names going from right to left starting from the top: Brok the Brachiosaurus, Jagger the T-rex, Span the Spinosaurus, (forgot the name of the next one), Digger the Woolly Mammoth, Blister the Velociraptor, Sliver the T-rex, Horns the Triceratops, Wings the Pteranodon, Akuna the Velociraptor, and Torr the Therizinosaurus)


I also found a Jurassic World Jar I made in Pottery class last year! (There is supposed to be a Raptor head for the handle but I lost it)


i can’t wait to find that T Rex breakout set with the explorer and Tim!


that’s pretty awesome you made that!


This is pretty cool.

I saw this but I just have so many Rex toys already lol.

With these new dual packs of the camp Cretaceous characters the only one I’d be interested in is Ben and Bumpy.

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Oh I heard of the spino rex one for JP3 anniversary, and I must say, it’s kinda disappointing, to me anyways. Both figures are wrong, could have used the green rex and grey spino to make it proper but no, they could have at least changed the boxing a bit to look like scene but no. If it had the different figures I’d be happy buying it, would have even bought it if it had an Alan figure, that would have been great.
And definitely still deciding on whether or not to buy the capture gear rex




Went to visit the San Diego Zoo, and I found some exclusive unannounced JW legos!!!

I just find this hilarious and dont know why lol
There was even a raptor set I think

Oh and thanks for the @ @Phil, not even sure I’m going to really purchase that set, but it’s still a possibility, someway somehow


I ordered 2 of the raptor and ray arnold haha. Cool lego set. I don’t have any of those.

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Muldoon, compies, and baby rex!


Whoa!!! Compy are a surprise. MULDOON!!!

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Yup, compies got a strong jaw lol, and baby rex appears to have never skipped arm day as well haha
Definitely exited for Muldoon, just a tad sad he doesn’t have his iconic weapon for the Clever Girl scene, but after doing some research it’s understandable (something to do with the company that owns the weapon not allowing Mattel to use it I believe)

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The shotgun is 100% not cool looking and not accurate though. It’s disappointing.

The baby Rex looks chunky and maybe too green. Still neat.

What happened to the gallimimus? I never saw it in stores.

I answered a question before it was asked, am I getting super powers thanks to my buff?..

Anyhow, explained the gun thing thanks to my possible supernatural abilities lol, rex definitely looks a tad too chunky and neon which is kind of disaapointing as this “toy” line is suppose to be relatively accurate in comparison to their movie counterparts.

And I completely forgot about galli, maybe will be released in the near future?


Is there a difference between these two?

I feel like there is, seenother people online question whether there is, but idk, either way I’m definitely exited for these guys