Jurassic Park/World Toys & Memorabilia

Yea that one’s cool but idk, I personally prefer the paint on the og one

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i thought they were the same. it would be the cheapest way to go about making money off the same figure. you could be right though that they are different.

It’s got a “rain deco” I think it’s called, just darker and maybe glossier for water effects

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Oh I see. That makes sense. Thanks for pointing that out.

I’m not sure if we are allowed to share videos, but I made an attempt at stop motion with dinosaur toys. I’ve only done stop motion a couple times before, but that was a while ago so sorry if this is bad.


Dude that was awesome! I’d love to know how to do that. Props on your skills.

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Does anyone know when the Jurassic world outpost play set is to be released? Or is it old and not going to be released anymore?

not sure what that is.


@Paul_Abeyta this guy on Instagram found one so I guess it’s out there somewhere.


This one?

pretty sure it has released, guess it may vary depending on location


I can’t believe there hasn’t been a Pyroraptor toy released. There is the one in this set as well as there one with Kara. But not a stand alone. I hope the Hammond Collection makes one.

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I hope that too. I just want them to make it on the scale of the amber raptors with that level of articulation

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