Jurassic reload alive?

this is a thing for the 2 or something years ive had this game, playing pretty much daily

i have to reload the app at least 10 times every day and its pretty quick so i just do it and it doesnt bother me that much but… well… its kind of ridicilous.

is it just my version? i had iphone 7+ / iphone x / iphone 11maxpro / huawei p30pro in this time and theyre all the same more or less in the reload frequency…

its mostly network related, any time moving from wifi to 4g its a sure reload “game has updated and needs to reload” yea no it hasnt : )

First I would have stick with iPhone for JWA because the loading this is so much easier. I got the new iPhone se and it does that but says lost connection then connects like a second later. I think it’s just your version. Idk what to say

Also every time i exit and take a photo its a reload… wierd, and jwa has followed me through many phones

(17 gig free)

You should count yourself lucky it’s only ten times a day!

I play way too much, and play accounts on an iPad, a Samsung s8 edge and a Samsung s7 and on all devices I would say I have to reboot the game at least 20 times a day. Infact if I do a raid I have to reboot, or if I do a sustained session in the arena (more than 5 battles) I have to reboot.