Jurassic Ruin Team Help



If you find anything thats wrong , please help me cause I’m in jurassic ruins and it’s a new season.

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Dont think to much about your team atm.
Look at all dinos and pick 8 for your goal.
Then start working on them and the throphies come by them self.

Not that much to change for now. Perhaps level braci to 20 and switch with erliko (erliko isnt thst great) BUT ONLY if you want Maxims at somf point.

Ok I’ll do it once my coins start going up

Your team is fine for now, you could replace erliko, it’s the weakest dino on your team right now, the only one i feel would perhaps help you If replaced. Tryostronix and monostego are good options, but any further changes now will mostly come down to preference. There’s not much to do other than plan for your end game team and work towards it, don’t overlevel dinos that can’t compete on the long run If your goal is to stay competitive, but you probably already know that :grin: