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Jurassic ruined

For the last month, maybe more I play all day, every day to get to the ruins. I get there and if I win my 1st match I can hang in there for about an hour before the INEVITABLE losing streak begins.
If I lose the first match, I will IMMEDIATELY begin said losing streak.
Is this a glitch? Or am I not equipt enough to hang with the 4000+ crowd.

Its annoying AF. I am determined to stay in the ruins, but it seems like it’s not possible even with the right dinos.

PS. I DONT have Tryko yet. Is THIS the key to success there?

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4400 points here.
No tryko needed.
20-23 dino level, strongest dino is Erlidominus.


Don’t get frustrated and yes, Tryko helps, but isn’t the key at all. We have all been there with the losing streaks. Hang in there and it really doesn’t get to be any more fun when you get higher in trophies. Have fun while you can play with a variety. Good luck!


It’s normal, not a glitch, you’re just facing stronger opponents. It’s even harder to stay in arenas 9 and 10.

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I didn’t get Tryko until last week due to the event and before that I’m always staying in top 500. What you need is just the levels as long as the Dino is okay, not necessarily strongest ones. Notice what other people are using at your trophy range and develop ways to counter them.

Yea now tat i expect more erli in arenas, I have beefed up my tragod to lvl25, n hope it makes a difference during battles. I’m swinging time to time fr 4.5k to 4.6k trophies.

Uhhhhhh I beg to differ. Erlidom’s biggest threat is tryko.

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Rise of Tryko hurt my lovely undead chicken hard… I regret nothing.

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