Jurassic Ruins Incubators

The incubators listed for the Jurassic Ruins are not the ones I’m receiving for battle gameplay. I have NEVER received the creature dna listed for this battleground, such as sinoceratops.

The incubators you win in the arena have a chance to contain the dinos associated with your current arena and all previous ones as well.

So basically, the higher you climb in arena your rewards grow into even bigger :poop: sandwiches

Rule of thumb: Don’t ever expect to get what’s on the cover and you’ll never be disappointed. Although my rewards have been better lately, historically, most of it is still junk. You may have a better chance to receive new DNA, but you will still have a chance to receive the DNA from previous arenas as well. I do receive quite a bit of galli DNA, and a 2nd random epic has become common as well…still tons of crap, so dont get your hopes up.