Jurassic Ruins is unplayable


This game is virtually unplayable in the 4100-4200 trophy range. The last 5 games I just played were with marked cheaters, most with level 28 uniques and higher. Why are they still around playing with their dirty dinos?

How is it fair to reset cheaters who had a change of heart and turned themselves in, and then only give the most egregious cheaters that stayed quiet a slap on the wrist? What happened to “we want to continue building and expanding our game in a fun and fair environment.”? Your words Ludia. This is definitely not a fun and fair environment.

Us legitimate players are begging you to fix this. You have a solid game here, but if you want it to survive and last, you need to have a zero tolerance policy with cheating. I know you can’t catch and ban every spoofer/cheater, but at least ban the ones you’ve already caught. You’re setting a precedent that cheating is mostly overlooked, and people can get away with it.

Sure they can’t earn the rewards of the tournament (the slap on the wrist), but you’re allowing them to interfere with it tremendously. There are multiple ways to go about fixing this. Ban marked cheaters (which is what really needs to be done), reset their accounts, or have it so they can only play with bots and other marked cheaters. Just do something! Whatever is decided, the end result needs to be legitimate players having ZERO interaction with marked cheaters.

Some communication on this would be very much appreciated. Let us know you’re aware and plan to take action. It’s hard to have motivation to keep playing in the game’s current state.

A legitimate VIP paying customer


I totally agree, it has been …ruined


I havent reached the Ruins yet. My highest achievement was 3950. But i agree with your point. I hope Ludia doesnt limit the number of trophies back to 5000 after the tournament. Instead they should bring more arenas for high level players (esp. cheaters and high-payers) to motivate them further. Most of them should soon reach 5,000+x trophies. Let them play among each other. The good part about JWA’s arena system is that you usually play against players from the same range. Thanks to the reset it will take a while before it adjusts in the right way. In a few weeks most of the big, invincible guys should be out of reach for us.


I agree. I’ve hit 47th place twice and have gotten cheaters to knock me to 55th. Probably 56th or 57th by now.


I know the feeling. I was in the 30s, now I’m #99. The cheaters have destroyed me. This tournament is a joke with them still playing.


Agree something has to be done.
Sadly they remove all posts regadring this issue :joy:

It’s unplayable. The tournament is for cheaters only.
I’m in the 4000-4200 range and getting nowhere.
Incresing when meeting legit players. Getting smacked back down when meeting cheaters.

Wonder if i can get a refund on all my purchases somehow ?
Anyone tried ?
I’m willing to remove my account if i get my money back.


Not to defend cheaters. But since they are not ranked, and people ranked higher gonna battles with cheaters too, a lot of people’s trophies gonna be lower but the rank is still valid.


Are you with Apple or Android?


Yes and no. It comes down to luck. Someone with an objectively worse team can place higher as long as they’re not matched with cheaters. They wouldn’t place as high if cheaters weren’t bringing down their stronger honest competition. Luck doesn’t seem very valid to me.


Heather i’m on Android



…Then I don’t know :joy: