Jurassic Ruins


Please tell my why Jurassic Ruins has to be at a rating of 4000? I was really excited about finally having an arena where I wanted to be instead of just dropping my rating to go into the badlands. But I spent all last night winning battles to get up there and I was really surprised when I hit 3500 that the arena didn’t change. So I looked and weirdly Jurassic Ruins is at 4000. Which as of writing this only 223 are actually in. How am I supposed to get to a rating you have to be into the top 50% of the leaderboards just to get a single incubator from. Let alone actually try to make whatever dinosaur is the exclusive for that arena? Is there a reason there was such a massive leap between these two arenas compared to every single other one in the game?


Jurassic Ruins is an exclusive club for those willing to pay way too much.


Umm…if you want to get in Jurassic Ruins for that Gallimimus, I might suggest check its stats on metahub.
This dino is so weak itself, and Ornithomimus totally better than it.

So I think we can just simply wait until Galli released as an event dino.
This dino seems only an ingredient for Monomimus, don’t get other purpose.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: