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Jurassic Solar System Discord!

Hey everyone it’s been a while since I posted :slight_smile:

Our discord (previously known as WhenDinosaursRuledEarth) has had some big updates lately and we are looking to grow! We are almost at 250 members right now.

We have:
JWA related chats
Raid chats
Startegy creation/testing chats
Other game chats
Off topic chats
Raid roles
Lobby roles
Private alliance section for members

If this sounds like fun to you or you could use some help or help others with raiding feel free to join!

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What does that mean?

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Me in the alliance and it is very :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:.Went from a mostly legendary team with three uniques to a full unique team in the span of about 1-2 months.:slight_smile:

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i’d join them, they are a really nice place, though a few people there are kinda eh


TheNoobLegend27 I can join to your alliance please