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Jurassic Vikings are recruiting! ⚔️

We are looking for a few replacements!

All we ask is:
•you must get your 10 takedowns every week (ideally without being reminded)
•actively battle in the arena/dart/contribute towards alliance missions
•you join our discord server
•you have 2500+ trophies

What we offer:
•level 20 sanctuaries (you absolutely must not place anything in them)
•a friendly, active discord server where we organise sancs, run plenty of raids including apexes, have auto cash links, offer help, etc
•10-9/8 on weeklies
•T7-8 on tournaments*

*we wish to replace a few members as soon as possible who do not do their takedowns, and get back on track to a consistent T8 :wink:

No blind requests please! If you’re interested, please send me a private message on here or on Discord merde#9632