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Jurassic World Alive 1.16 Camp Cretaceous Update?

With 1.15/2.0 meant to be a massive update, I don’t think 1.16 will have too much in it, which is completely fair, but considering the Camp Cretaceous series on Netflix releases in August I would say we would probably be getting some Camp Cretaceous creatures to join the game, most of them will just be repaints or gen 2’s which would make it faster to release this update, there is only 1 creature in the show that isn’t in the game, so may as well make that first on my list:
Ceratosaurus(Now I’m not sure if the Ceratosaurus will have as much black as it does here or if it will be more JP3 style, either way I love Ceratosaurus so I really want to see it and if we don’t get it for Camp Cretaceous, then hopefully we get it for something like Dominion, it would be cool to see Cerato classed as Epic)

Bumpy(Now I’m not sure how this will work as we don’t have any baby dinos in the game, so either it could be the size of Arctops or they will just repaint an adult Ankylosaurus like the picture I found below, either way I’m sure Bumpy has to be Epic)
Toro The Carnotaurus(This guy was potentially spotted at the end of Fallen Kingdom trying to take a bite of Eli Mills leg and also when they were in the cages, I’m not sure if it is the same Carno, but if it is, I’m sure Camp Cretaceous will set up a bit of a story for Toro, also rumors say Toro can camoflauge, so maybe we might get a cloak with this guy, I’m sure this guy would have to be epic and we might see more of Toro as an Antagonist in Dominion)

Limbo, Grim and Chaos the Baryonyx Trio(Similar to the 3 Rare Velociraptors, I’m sure these guys would alter a couple of moves and be classed as rares, or commons because Bary Gen 2 is already Rare)
Parasaurolophus Gen 2(Of a couple Gen 2’s I am about to mention, it looks like some of these creatures had Gen 2’s avoided and maybe this was the moment Ludia was saving up to add them, apparently these are the colors of Camp Cretaceous’ Parasaurolophus and my guess is most of these Gen 2’s would be Rare, but I honestly don’t know and I guess we will figure out if they get added)

Stegosaurus Gen 2(Stego never got a Gen 2 and I think now would be a cool opportunity, maybe even have it as an Epic, as you can see it has a new Black/Grey paint on it)
Dimorphodon Gen 2(We are yet to see a proper variation in color for the Dimorphodon in the Jurassic Franchise and in this game, but this one has a cool new coloring with the red on its wing tips and once again I don’t know what its rarity would be, but I think it would be cool in the game)

Pteranodon Gen 2(Now I left this for last as I’m not too sure about it, we see quite the variation in Pteranodon colors, from there crests being blue and green, to the brown one in Jurassic Park 3(My Personal Favourite) and now a fully green one, which is also appears in the new Lego Jurassic World Line, it’s hard to tell what would happen with Pteranodon as I would like to see both a green and brown one added, maybe this opens the possibility for Gen 3’s?)
image image
Now I would be done, but apparently Brachiosaurus is meant to be in Camp Cretaceous, although it does have the same brown coloring as it does within this game and most of the other franchise, but I would love to see the green Brachiosaurus from JP3 as a Gen 2, even if there difference is their gender

And as I have brought up Jurassic Park 3, I think seeing this Velociraptor as a Gen 2 would be very awesome
I know this update wouldn’t come for a while as 1.15/2.0 isn’t even released yet, but I’m just really excited for this upcoming Netflix series and I would love to see these creatures appear in this game. Are you guys excited for Camp Cretaceous?


Don’t forget him

Unfortunately I do not think so, if you look at the boxes for the Dinosaurs/Creatures it will say it’s either Primal Attack or Camp Cretaceous, apparently this Troodon is meant to release in 2021, when this series is releasing in August and all the Camp Cretaceous toys are currently releasing around this time, I was really disappointed when I figured Scutosaurus was apart of the Primal Attack line and wouldn’t be in Camp Cretaceous, but hey, Jurassic World Dominion is coming out in 2021, maybe Troodon will be in Dominion? I reckon it would make an awesome antagonist with how smart this dino is meant to be. I haven’t seen the box for it, so if you have make sure to share with me, because for all I know Troodon will be in Camp Cretaceous, but I do doubt it unfortunately.

Maybe he will be kind in the show because if you compare it with

The camp one looks cuter so maybe but the most confident that will appear is carno gen 2 in game

Buuuuut there’s no 1.15 or 1.16.

It’s 2.0 and 2.1


That’s why I said 1.15/2.0, I have no idea what it will be called, often when I think of 2.0, I think of another game releasing in the app/play store, it’s not 100% confirmed, I’m just guessing, most of us are, unless you have information that we do not? For all I know 1.16 could be called 2.1, but like I said, I’m just guessing.

There wouldn’t be another ankylosaurus but I can definitely see some gen 2 in there. And we need that ceratosaurus

Guys, I just made a horrible realization. There could be a gen 2 and 3 velociraptors as well as a gen 3 rex. If each indom keeps getting better what will indom g3 be like.

Apparently the carno in this show will camouflage like in the book. There’s a toy where it’s all clear. I hope we get a carno gen 2 that cloaks.

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Why would Bumpy be Epic, he should be a weak common because he’s a baby and would only be able to do minimal damage irl.

Oh like something like Pro?

Well I know Bumpy is meant to be faster then a normal Ankylosaurus, so it might have a speed of 120, it’s just the favourites are mostly put as epics, you know Blue, T rex, Stygi, etc. But you’re probably right, plus if they decide to make it an adult and not call it Bumpy, then I reckon we would get a Rare Gen 3 Ankylosaurus, because the others are common and epic

Ngl, if that’s the camp Cretacious Ankylosaurus toy I’m 100% getting it

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