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Jurassic World Alive 2.7 Creatures may have already been leaked

You know why?

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What is your proof it’s coming to the game @Dmimrti_Mihaylenko? As spreading lies is never a good idea.


Stop with the Ditto, as Ditto will never come. You also need more evidence than Yes.

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Just stop. It is getting annoying and will never happen. It’s like wanting a star wars character appearing in a dc movie


Sorry to dissapoint you,but the creature creator doesn’t work with JWA.

I love the new creatures if they are coming to the game.

Miniclip’s dino pets edition of jwa hybrids

Dilophodocus = dilophosaurus GEN 2 + diplodocus
Triceraptor = triceratops + echo
Thalassosaurus = Thalassodromeus + dilophosaurus
Allocaulus = alloraptor + diplocaulus
Stegotaurus = stegosaurus GEN 2 + carnotaurus
Bractosaurus = brachiosaurus + nyctosaurus
Diablosaurus rex (D-rex) = diabloceratops + tyrannosaurus buck
Carasedmontonbraia = edmontonia + tapejara
Heliontonia = carasedmontonbraia + archaeopteryx
Coahuipteryx = coahuilaceratops + epidexipteryx
Coahuisuchus = coahuipteryx + sarcosuchus
Spinocheirus = spinosaurus GEN 2 + ornithocheirus
Quetzaloch = quetzalcoatlus + splixsomoloch
Ankygnathus = bumpy + dorygnathus
Compsoquama = compsognathus GEN 2 + longisquama
Keratodes = keratocephalus + sordes

Oh my god just stop


If there is Ditto in the game anytime, I will delete the game.


I don’t think those will all be coming, also whats keratocephalus? When I search up Keratocephalus it shows a plant called ceratocephalus and if you want THAT in game just letting you know thats never gonna happen lol.

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Nope, keratocephalus is therapsid

Let’s have close and look.
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turns out it is actually a thing. took me a bit of effort to find, but it exists

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Really? What is it?
Edit: I didn’t see Dmimrti_Mihaylenko’s message