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Jurassic World Alive 2.7 Creatures may have already been leaked

I mean yeah, they actualy need to invest tons of money into those creature models, they won’t just drop whatever they had in plan, and were working on cause they saw like 1 sugestion on the forum or reddit

That plus theres been tons of semi-heavily reqested creatures added(acro, troodon, sloths, armadilos, andrewsarchus, and now compy…)

(Also didn’t u have an andrew concpet? and now andrew it self is in the game)


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So these are my predictions for their continental distributions :
Dodo - Africa (he’s from the island Mauritius so it makes sense he can be found in Africa)
Albertosaurus - none
Argentarvis - north /south America
Compsognathus - Europe (compys are from Germany and france so they should be Europe)
Compsognathus gen 2 - none

Please no, don’t give ludia any ideas of adding more continentals here, still not a huge fan of it


I’m not a fan of continental creatures too but they won’t spare us with them next update since it is the latest new feature

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No more continentals!

Dumbest idea so far that they introduced to this game. Just you wait until they get hybrids and all you can do is farm from sanctuaries and then donations once a week.

Knowing Ludia they’ll give a hybrid to one and not the others to begin with giving one continent an advantage.

So yeah, lets be done with the whole silly continent exclusive creatures. Nice idea to think of something new, but BIG fail.


I don’t like them as well but they’re probably release more next update

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Then stop encouraging and voice that you don’t like it.

Lets not be sheep to the silly ideas.


“but it was to encourage people to share dna”
doesn’t really work with specific continent alliances. and even then people will only donate when they no longer need it, which would be a while.


I’ve already did

And you can’t even begin to request the continental DNA until you unlock them in the first place


yep. im fortunate that some of my alliance is from other continents. so we are able to get all of them. even then, i still had to wait for someone to find them, unlock them, and share them in the sanc for a few days.


Are the Compsagnathus the dinos in the beginning of JP2?

Not sure if they’re continentals in the first place(hopfully not, i’d rather have em be execlusive)

Also i don’t think that continentals will work like u listed the dodo for example. I think theres basicly suposed to be 3 continental zones(1 the americas, 2 europe, 3 all the eastern parts of the world), and they will spread creatures across those 3 continental zones(which means they could pull off continentals rotating as well, but this i getting off topic)

Since they’ve done this with epics in 2.6, they will most likely spread 3 rares across the world(so that at least it’s fair when people get certain raritys on their continent, so i don’t think they’d randomly throw, all the creatures into continentals so unevenly), i imagane compy g2 will be europe, and i have no idea for the other 2 rares cause i belive alberto is from north america, and argy from south so idk

So compy g2, Europe
Alberto/argy, the Americas
Alberto/argy, The east
(Again i don’t think they’d spread them unevenly)

(Also, remember when i said that argy being rare instead of common(as we’re missing only a common eagle) might be evidence for it having a new rig, well yeah it might be just cause it’s gonna be a continental)

Then compy i’m gonna take a wild guess and say it’s spesificly, local 1. Since they seem to have been adding 1 extra epic theropod to every local since troodon got realized(then acro, then dakota)

The dodo, idk could be execlusive haven’t had any in a while, globals are pretty much full as well as locals, pls not short range, and yeah thats about it realy not sure

Then i know u asked about the new moves but i still haven’t replied to that, so imma just do it here(btw this is all what gamepress posted on their discord)

So it mentions something thats most likely a new mechanic, called “alert” i have no idea what it does, maybe when something is about to attack you it activates something, idk

Anyway these are the new moves

New Moves

  • Alert Scurry High
  • Alert Scurry Low
  • Alert the Flock Low
  • Courageous Alert High
  • Courageous Alert Low
  • Disarmy Alert High
  • Disarmy Alert Low
  • Stunning Alert High
  • Stunning Alert Low
    (Copied from their discord)
    (Also don’t forget the moves even being in the patch notes means they exist but does not neceseraly mean they are used on any creature, same would apply to data mines)

Now going over them, if ur me and have no idea what scurry means, it’s aperantly basicly taking quick but little steps(something like that). This perfectly fits the dodo, so i imagane it’s gonna have the 2 moves(or at least one of them). Alert the flock doesen’t need an explenation to why it’s for the dodo

Courageous sounds like a ferocity type move, and the only one i’d confirm is a fierce is alberto, so could be used by it

Disarmy sounds like nullification of sorts, the only one i’m basicly sure is cunning is the compy(but considering sloths are cunning just u wait this be resilient), and nullification is class neutral but mainly cunning so i’d say the 2 gens of compy use this(2nd option would be the argy)

Then finaly stunning, since argy is the only one left it could be it, but it could easily be used for already existing creature or one that wasn’t data mined(but that would apply to basicly all moves). So lets say argy does have the stun moves
(That would also be my only real evidence that argy does have a new rig, cause if it has 2 stunning moves thats way diffrent then the other eagles, posibly sugesting they originaly went with a new rig, and so it’s not just an eagle they went with come uniqueness, kinda like oviraptorids and how we thought they’d use the ornithomimis rig)

So scurry, alert the flock, dodo
Caurage, alberto
Disarmy, compys
Stunn, argy

Also i just realised, maybe high and low alert are kinda like strike and rampage?


My prediction for the “alerts” is that they’re a new kind of anti-swap attack. So whenever your opponent swaps in, before they can use a swap in ability, your dino activates an alert if they have one. So for example Woolly Rhino swaps in on your dino with Stunning Alert, but your stunning alert goes off before the Rhinos stunning strike, and the Rhino gets stunned without activating their swap in ability. Stegod knows we need that kind of counterplay.

Scurry is probably a dodge. Courageous is probably Ferocity. Disarmy is probably reduced damage. Stunning is obviously damage over time (kidding). I’m not sure what “Alert the Flock” will be. The “high” and “low” versions may be different strengths of effects under different circumstances, like the “high” version activating when your opponent uses a swap in ability, and the “low” version activating on a normal swap (or maybe damaging SIA vs non-damaging SIA). For example, stunning alert high could have a 75% chance to stun, but stunning alert low could only have a 50% chance, disarmy alert high does 50% distraction and low does 25% distraction, courageous does 50% damage buff vs 25%, and scurry does 100% dodge chance vs 75%.

I don’t know who would end up with these moves. I could see the compys getting some (maybe alert the flock, since they famously hunt in packs in JP, and since birds are theropod dinosaurs you could plausibly call them a “flock”). They may also be given to some existing dinos to affect the game more broadly.


I don’t see Argentavis using anything other than the eagle model. That doesn’t mean it can’t be very different though (which makes sense, since vultures are different than eagles). They could share a model but have different moves, kind of like Smilodon and Marsupial Lion.


So basicly what i imaganed as “upon enter” moves. In a swap meta. Holy purple argent thats the best thing ever, honestly would make scense, basicly like ludia’s 2nd try at countering the swap meta.

Realy would make scense, tho alert the flock may even work to… idk may have a use in raids somehow.

But then again hopefully we get uniques for these, cause they have something with realy nice moves that would help balance the endgame meta, but then the unique the creature we get is either still non existent(dogs not having anything) or just sucks(snakes).

But yeah i imagane(posibly) an argy in tournament just stunning a nasuto, or draco, sounds amazing


Yeah, if my prediction is somewhat accurate, it won’t help the meta much unless they’re given to uniques or legendaries. It would be nice in tourneys though!


I’m like 60% it’s the eagle rig but ludia may be nice and creative and give it a new rig, realy would be nice

Also they seem to make slightly less then one rig a month(looking at 2.1), so considering the last one was in jan, and the last one before that in like…, was it october or november.? By late april/early may(?) I don’t think it’s too big of a stretch to say that they would make 3 rigs

Vulture condor: argy, teratornis
Tiny theropod: compy, compy g2, that lil raccon dino i always get the name worng
Dodo: dodo


OOOH I LIKE THIS. If that happens we might see multi-attack moves, like fury swipes or double slap in pokemon!!!

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