Jurassic World Alive- Advice, Recommendations

Hey y’all!

Some of you know me as SamSRedbird. Some of you are probably wondering why I am writing this.

I need some advice on the game.

I want to become a good player. But I can’t seem to find what I am good at in the game. Whether it’s raids, tournament or PVP.

Like most players. My favorite dinos have been nerfed. So I now am unsure of what to do.
I have been playing for a good year and I am on my way to the next one. This game has been nothing but just troubling. I can’t say I hate the PVP but I definitely don’t love it. Maybe when I lose it’s because I don’t have the best team right now. I do get upset when I fight lvl 30 boosted out teams. But I mean who hasn’t? It’s normal. Tournaments I have to say I am decent at. I have learned that if you plan out what you are going to use when it comes to skilled tournaments you at least have a slight chance. For advanage there’s no skill. It’s either you have lvl 30 dinos or you don’t. Which is why I think working on my tournament team, might be handy. But the thing is with PVP and the tournaments you can never be on top. It’s impossible. I mean that’s my dream.

When it comes to raids. If you get the right dinos to a certain lvl. You can get Apex boss dna. Yay! But that’s not the point to raids. The point to raids is to raid with other friends and teammates. AND HAVE FUN. Which is why I think it’s better to work on something that’s actually achievable.
But I have not been able to find something I like. So if you have any recommendations or advice I would much appreciate it.

Thank you.

Can we see your team first? It might be helpful

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single way to avoid level 30s destroying your pvp team other than not playing pvp at all or levelling up your team.

Advantage tourneys are much more easier to deal with. Just don’t do it when it begins. Play it around Sunday midday-evening when most of the lvl 30 boosted teams are not present

Raids are mostly a pain to do, especially Rinchicyon. I don’t blame you for not having a favourite raid bit if you’re looking for an easy to do raid which you can solo, the Meiolania and Bajadasaurus raids are easily soloable with Purrolyth. Also Discord is handy for raid strats


This is my team.

Good to know on Advantage. Sometimes. Some raids aren’t always in your circle tho. It can be very annoying.

You should swap the deer to thoradolosaur, plus tryostronix and geminitiitan are good in place for monolorhino

very powerful team!:blush:

Dont listen to him, deer is 1000000% better than thor, and the amount of 0s i would have to say for rhino is impossible


Deer and rhino are on the tippy top of the meta unlike thor and tryo


Just because it is the meta doesn’t mean it is the best possible thing to go on the team, especially when the rhino is only level 21 and Thor is level 25


See but that’s not what they meant. They meant to keep rhino and deer because they are on top of the meta. So Jeff was suggesting I level those up. I have no idea why the other dude what suggesting. Thor and Tryo are not useful anymore.

Its not always about having the meta dinosaurs on your team, you also have to make sure they synergise well with the rest of your team. No point replacing a team member with a meta dinosaur if the removal of that old Dino leaves your team in the lurch because it takes a capability away.

I would suggest switching Utarinex for Geminititan as it’s for one a higher level, as well as it being more viable than Utarinex.

I am currently saving my coin. But once I get it to where I need it Im wondering what I should work for. It doesn’t really matter what lvl they are at. Plus taking Utah out would make me have one less cunning in my team.