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Jurassic World Alive After Dawn (FanGame Project)

Welcome to the alpha presentation of this project!

Have you ever wanted to visit Isla Nublar? The JWA Hunters team is working hard on a JWA fangame project.

The project is inspired by the Pokémon games, where the player can explore the entire island with his team of dinosaurs. It should be noted that the history of this project will take place 20 years after Fallen Kingdom, with Isla Nublar fully recovered, with new biomes full of natural life with dinosaurs enjoying the place.

We will take on the role of a young DPG member who seeks to achieve their goals, but will not do it alone, as each DPG graduate member will receive an started dinosaur who will accompany them on their adventure.

Well that’s all I’m allowed to share. The story is not complete yet and there are many things to be programmed, we will not give a date either.

But they allowed me to reveal 4 dinosaurs from the fangame project! I’ll show the starting dinosaurs and a bonus exploring an important mechanic.

Started dinosaurs:

JWA Hunters (Velociraptor Animated Sprite)

Velociraptor: Cunning / Swift creature, can learn distraction, evasive, and precision attacks.

JWA Hunters (Majungasaurus Animated Sprite)

Majungasaurus: Fierce | Resilient / Counter-attack creature, can clear distraction, puts up shields, and learns damage and crit boosts.

JWA Hunters (Einiosaurus Animated Sprite)

Einiosaurus: Resilient / Health creature, cleans up distraction, learns cleansing, regeneration and stun attacks. Exchanges of healing, cleaning or stunning.

Hybrid Evolution:

JWA Hunters (Majundasuchus Animated Sprite Beta)

If your dinosaur reaches a certain level, use the DNA Extractor Dart to hybridize it. For example: Majungasaurus (Level 15) + Nundasuchus DNA (Level 15) To get a hybrid, both creatures must be on the same level. The maximum level of creatures in this fangame is 50.


Interesting concept! :grin::+1: