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Jurassic World Alive Alliance Members needed

We are always looking for new Alliance Members to join our team! Only a few things required…

Minimum level 10
Must be active daily
Must participate in all Tournaments
Must be willing to help other members
Must be willing to donate if able
Have access to Discord

If we have available space, friends/family welcome to join with you.

Request to join by searching in the game. DinoKillaz

Saw your post and checked your alliance, it looks really cool there with lots of active players. Im very active and i play everyday, ive been playing 3weeks straight now and i really need a good alliance to help me get better. I left my last alliance because im the only one donating stuff. And they only reach tier 6 with me always as top contributor. I already sent my request to join your alliance under the name ethanmvp. Hope you can accept. Thanks!