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Jurassic World Alive | Android Delay and Known Issues With 1.7


Hello fellow DPG members,

To all Android players, we apologize for yesterday’s (04/30) extended maintenance. Some context: once a build is submitted, it is required to go through all the proper validation steps. Unfortunately, this process with 1.7 was far longer than expected for Android, but the new build was finally pushed live late last night (04/30).

The below information on PvP Battle Trophies has since been changed. For an updated statement, please see HERE.

A note about PvP Battle Trophies: the Trophy reward calculation has changed to match the changes in the matchmaking algorithm. Before 1.7, Trophy rewards were calculated based on the delta between you and your opponent’s trophy count. As of 1.7, Trophy rewards are being calculated based off trophy delta and team power delta.

Finally, we’d like to thank you for all your feedback regarding the bugs and stability issues - our team is working on fixes for:

  • Battle Matchmaking causing a significant number of timeouts.
  • Loading issues affecting players with 1GB of RAM.
  • Rewards sequence flash intensity is high.
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No trophies

we’re getting single digit trophies sometimes. i got 7 from a battle. some people get 1 :sweat_smile:
after waiting through 8 battles that time out :unamused:


FTimeout message also during battle (same screen as when applying for a battle, NOT the match time out screen when connection fails)


And yet I still can’t connect to the server…

I’ve tried changing the language & time zone on my phone, restarting my phone, deleting & redownloading the game. The last option got me to the login menu; but it didn’t matter which option I picked, none of them worked. All I get is this…


So I got the update ad everything but all day its saying server error any update on when this will be fixed using samsung galaxy s8 active this is going on to days no that I cant get on


They Just said they’re working on the people with loading issues …


I’m on an LG v40ThinQ btw, so I know it isn’t my phone being out of date. Spec-wise I have as much power as the new Samsung Galaxy S10+


Losing 35 trophies to losing a battle, then earning 1 trophy to winning a battle is unacceptable. Not to mention the 10 timeouts between them.


I’ve been having this same issue all day. I sent an e-mail to the support team about it at about 7:30 my time and have never gotten a reply back, not even to confirm whether or not they received my e-mail.


What about the darting? Feels like my drone is flying through maple syrup.


Any players know the specifics of the issue referred to here? First I’m hearing, but I may have missed something today.


Some of us are pushing what… +30hrs of the service being down now?

@Justin_Larson the above statement said loading screen issues for those with 1gb of ram or lower, my v40 has 6gb of ram…

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Have you cleared your apps cache? Not saying it’ll help, but couldn’t hurt to try…


So don’t match players with such great difference in trophies and dino levels. What for are these matches?!


So I am 54xx trophies and just beat someone with a much poorer team at 48xx … almost felt bad

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Yes but ur also in the group of the people with that issue. regardless. Let them work on fixing the issue and see if yours is fixed as well


I understand why the trophy system is the way it is. But the current spread for wins/loses is way too high. 2 loses and 17 wins. Still -80 trophies is rediculous. How is it even possible to climb. As it sits now I will just stop battling.


Try my 5887 compared to 5064. Big yikes


How is that Dio working out for you?


Love it so far. boosted it alot. Had to really. Worlds better than the god awful stegod I replaced

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