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Jurassic World Alive | Android Delay and Known Issues With 1.7

65 mins and 19 attempts later I’ve yet to be able to have ONE fight

If you can’t fix it just put it back to what it was. This obviously isn’t working.


For all those Android users STILL unable to get past the 10044 error on 1 of 24 screen try this fix that worked for me:

I simply can’t play right now. I time out 3 times then finally get a match then it resets in the middle of a game! PLEASE revert the drone. Its practically impossible to use.

I’ve lost 500 trophies since the update. Not happy

I lost trophies without even getting into a battle :smiley:


I am the only one that when Is In a battle the game is closed and tells me that the game has expired?

No trophies added for winning battles, just removed when losing a battle?

This new reward system is what REALLY needs fixing. (And darting too).

After playing 20ish battles since update, the most trophies ive won has been 14 (mostly its been 1-10). The FEWEST trophies I’ve lost has been 50. Please explain how this garbage isnt a more pressing issue than a reward flash being too bright?

Please fix trophy rewards. Please fix darting. The community has been EXTREMELY vocal about these issues. How can you guys be turning a blind eye to this?

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In 20 Minute Bait One and the same dinosaur comes across all the time :rage: and all the time jumps out “waiting time has come out” :rage:


(The likelihood that the LB is this congested is improbable)


good game -.-
Thx VIP :.(

Hey J.C I know it was in the patch notes and did not come out of left field. All I’m saying is like many others that the experience is incredibly poor as the drone is too slow to keep up with dinos and it is costing me and seems to be many many others a lot of dna. The patch notes did say feedback was welcome, and I’m trying to provide some to hopefully elicit change. This new system for darting is so much worse, I really do not want this to stay until the next update.

So… y’all are getting below 10 trophies?
Why did I get 52.
And then 51?
I mean… thanks I guess?

100% agree.

Amazing how they diden’t think about it!

And what about this?

When one of those apear, the game just freezes…

Hey, what the hell. Just as i suspected. While I wait for one minute to time out the battle has already started. I quickly close app and went in again. True enough i was down two creatures already. NO WONDER my trophies keep disappearing!!!

There are numerous bugs in the new version. The development team is unprofessional and irresponsible. They didn’t test and check the game thoroughly before it was released. Battles timing out in the middle of the battles and players suffer losses. The game freezes always and the game disconnects sometimes…etc… It is the time for the development team to consider rolling back to the former version which is much better then the new one.

I keep losing trophies every time when I return to the battle after timing out. I’ve lost 450 trophies since the update. Very angry.

Any Idea when this will be fixed ?