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Jurassic World Alive Aquatic Update

Some weeks ago I decided ti do my own speculations in how the aquatic update would work in jwa, in this topic I will show my speculations. One creatures a day


And how exactly is that gonna work?

The lab is now divided in 2 section, the terrestial one (dinosaurs and cenozoic) and the aquatic one, and there are going to be 2 deck, terrestial and aquatic.
The arenas are now divided in terrestial and aquatic.
The map is now divided in terrestial and aquatic, but in the terrestial map there are going to be fishing spots, is the same thing of resource cube but If you click in a fishing spot is going to spawn a random aquatic creature.
The aquatic map unlock at level 4


The aquatic creatures cannot fight the terrestial creatures


I think a couple that would fit both terrestrial (although would be really slow) and aquatic would Nothosaurus and Tanystropheus.
Since Nothosaurs come up to land to bask and lay eggs, and Tanystropheus hangs around the beach land and also reaches out into the water with it’s long neck to catch prey.


I would definitely add the nothosaurus but I think that the tanystropheus would fit better in the terrestial creatures, because it stays in the beach and rarely goes into the water


That would make sense.
But overall I like the idea, but with people who have older phones that are fast enough to keep the app going, I feel like that it’ll slow the app for them. But the idea of having a new aquatic each day may help with keeping the app from slowing down so much.


Gyrosphere depot feels empty already. Most of my battles are against he A.I. If you split the game into two separate arenas, I’d probably NEVER see an actual opponent in the depot. Truth is, the game doesn’t have enough players to fully support two separate arenas. I just don’t see anything like this ever happening in this game.


Plus if they did, it’d make the game even bigger, even without the updates.

True @Dankysaurus @Chiefdrago17 but I think thats a cool idea

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Tomorrow I will add the first aquatic creature profile, the Dakosaurus

Interesting idea, QuagliaNator04. :smiley:


Thank you @Ned


I think there are two ways of handling the addition of Aquatics in the game.

  1. Aquatics have their own Arena system and they only fight themselves.

  2. The Aquarium side from Jurassic World where the Mosasaur ambushes the Indominus. That way Aquatics could still be a part of the larger Arena. It would just require a background change rather than using the current Arena background.


That’s actually not a bad idea, but other people still gonna complain about that they don’t want Aquatic to the game


I was thinking of the 1st one

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Option 3: Pokemon. Just have the aquatics floating there.

I personally like the idea of #2, but then some people might argue that it gives away what’s on an opponents team if it suddenly changes to a partial aquarium theme.


It probably will be two separate Arenas but I’d prefer option 2 so we can mix and match.

You wouldn’t know to start with. The backdrop could change only if an Aquatic comes into play.

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There will always be haters…


Same with Cenozoic. What happened to @Raven? Did she quit?

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