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Jurassic World Alive Aquatic Update

Lmfao what is that a potato?

A creature that really existed! The Halkeria

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Please draw Dunkleosaurus a hybrid for Mosasaurus and Dunkleosteus

I’ll do it, but I won’t add it in the update

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Are you the same guy that offended me and apple?

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I dont think so

(I may be wrong, as I am not that active in the forum)

dude i just realized its his alt account

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Yep, it’s an alt, and now it’s suspended.

There’s one more thing that’ll haunt me forever.

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Well. Say it

Say the thing that’ll haunt me?



That image of the Halkeria restoration is the thing that will haunt Dimo forever.

Oh that


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Ok, I won’t do his request

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Archelosaurex please @Quaglianator04

T rex head, archelon body and fins with t rex tail.

Ok, I’ll do it

Rarity: Legendary
Animations: Turtles
Type: Aquatic
Class: Fierce/Resilient

Genetic make-up

  • Tyrannosaurus- Lv 15
  • Archelon - Lv 15


  • Health: 3300
  • Attack: 1900
  • Speed: 125
  • Armor: 30%
  • Crit: 30%


  • Resilient strike
  • Decelerating impact
  • Fierce impact
  • Fierce rampage


  • Swap in invincibility


  • 100%
    • Vulnerability
    • DOT