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JWA articles !!! For those of you who have read my JWTG articles you’d know how they’ll be like.

I’ve written one few months ago but didn’t publish it on the forum. Just written one earlier about Rexy and would like to share it with the community, as well as other articles coming up. Will be published here soon :smiley:

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How to Deal with Rexy

Hello fellow DPG members !

:t_rex: Rexy. When we first think of her, we think of the iconic Tyrannosaurus in the Jurassic Park 1 / all the Jurassic World movies. The one who saved the gang from aggressive Velociraptors in the rotunda, and Owen and Claire from a Carnotaurus. The one who teamed up with Therizinosaurus and Blue to defeat Giganotosaurus and Indominus Rex. The one who broke into a zoo, stormed a drive way theatre in California, and the one Alan Grant got “clocked” over when Hammond said “Well we clocked the T-Rex at 32 miles per hour.” That Tyrannosaurus who will have a special place in many of our hearts.

In Alive however, Rexy’s status goes otherwise. Ever since stepping foot into the game on May 25th, she’s been crowned as one of the most OP creatures in game. And also the one many have strongly been against and want nerfed because its too overpowered. However there are many also who disagree with a nerf for it and want it to remain the same. There have been some rumors of a nerf incoming, but we do not know for sure. In this article, I am going to explore what creatures in the current common - epic meta can take here down . So, lets get into it ! Make sure to also stay tuned for a Part 2 available soon !

DISCLAIMER: All the methods in this article have been tested and so are legit. These methods can fail at times depending on the RNG, and the opponents’s playing style. If you find any errors, feel free to mention it in your opinion !

Not many creatures can take Rexy down. She can practically destroy full blown Apexes if given the chance, and even Cunnings don’t stand much chance against its Dominant Roar ability. There are very few creatures below Legendary that can take this beast down. So here’s the list of creatures that can take here down below Legendary, starting from:

  1. Megalotops
    Megalotops must know how it feels to be one of the most overpowered creatures in game because it is also OP in itself. Its probably famous for “spamming dodge and distraction” in reference to its Camouflage which has no cooldown or delay. However, this annoying ability actually makes its one of the best counters to Rexy in the game.

As Rexy’s Dominant Roar increases its speed to an insane 132 from 106 base speed, it makes it all the more impossible for creatures without a priority move to take it down. Megalotops can do just that and increase its speed to a 140 from a 108 speed with Camouflage on the first turn. Afterwards, it can go for its Cautious Rampage which gives it additional dodge, speed and deals huge amount of damage. As Rexy’s weakness is reduced damage and going through dodge, it doesn’t take long for them to be exploited. If she goes for a Fierce Devouring Rampage, Megalotops just counters it and can destroy her with either Determined Strike or Distracting Impact on the next turn.

  1. Megaloynx

One of the parents of the making of Megalotops, Megalonyx can surprisingly take her down even though he’s just a ordinary rare. It applies almost the same strat as Megalotops: Camouflage, Cautious Rampage, and its Cunning Strike. However, it would be best to boost its HP by either 1 or 2 as if Rexy crits, then Megalonyx can lose to her.

  1. Indominus Rex Gen 2

This epic can take Rexy down with not too many problems as Rexy hates dodge. Its Cloak move would be the first thing to go for, and then its Armor Piercing Rampage ( cloak gives 2x damage on next attack. )

  1. Procerathomimus

Surprisingly, this fragile epic can take her down, however, it cannot take her down without boosts. To have a more guaranteed chance of defeating a Rexy, a Proceratho must have a minimum of 3 or 4 HP boosts and 3 attack boosts. Its Nullifying Counter is great for countering Rex’s Dominant Roar move. First, use its Instant Distraction to soften the blow on the HP, then Cunning Rampage and Cunning Strike. However this creature is not really recommended for use as it isn’t a viable counter without the boosts.

Overall, the best counters of the four are Megalotops, Megalonyx , and Indominus Rex Gen 2 with a 90% - 99.9% win rate of the time. As Rexy is more vulnerable to reduced damage and dodge, these three have one or more of these abilities and can win against her quite easily than I would like to admit.

Thank you so much for reading this article ! I hope you enjoyed reading it ! Do tell us what you think of it in the chat below , and stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon ! :t_rex:


I haven’t tried the others, but the Megalotops advice is spot on. Mine is level 14 and took down a level 18 Rexy using exactly the sequence you’ve described.


Could I contribute to some articles please


Sure ! We are looking for writers to help out !


Haha, glad to hear,it worked spot on ! Megalotops is her greatest enemy :sunglasses:


I remember taking down rexy with indominus gen 2, i was shocked to see the mighty and powerful rexy fall to indominus for once


I think both indoms take rexy down. Just like they did in the movies, lol.


Indom Gen 2 has to crit on the rampage. Indom Gen 1 doesn’t.

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The cloak should give Indom G2 x2 attack on the next move.

Another good counter to Rexy is Argenteryx, but it needs to be played right


It does, but Indom Gen 2 has 1400 damage at 26 and Rexy has 4950 at 26

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If 2x of 1400 is 2800,then it makes 5600 damage,meaning it 1 shots rexy

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Argenteryx can’t do much against Rexy really. If Rexy goes for Dominant Roar on first move and Argentryx the healing move, by then Rexy would have probably taken out 2 members and I don’t think it will heal one more member…its best for stalling actually

Actually you’re right. They can both be great to counter Rexy

Hello everyone !

For JWA articles, we are looking for more writers to contribute as I’m not so skilled in writing the more expert ones.

If you want to contribute, please feel free to DM me on Discord , BlueBetaTroodon#4847
Thank you !

Yeah you’re right. Miscalculated.


Nope, rexy has a group strike to follow up with, ardonthog deals 1300 damage max.

Dreadac loses h2h to rexy but wins if it swaps in on roar because of how busted stuck landing is


That’s where Fearless Alert comes in. The dodge helps a lot

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Hello folks !

I’ve been encoutering a lot of information about Part 2 of the Rexy article. Due to this, do expect a delay of this article on Friday, by this Saturday it should release.

Meanwhile, what article topics would you like to see in the near future ? Choose up to two you’d like to see in the coming weeks ahead !

  • Creative Teams: Using Other Creatures to Compete in the Meta
  • Older Creatures Keeping Up With the Meta ?
  • Update Thoughts + Advice ( that will be for 2.17 when it releases )
  • Early Game: What Creatures should I create ?

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