Jurassic world alive best rares or teams

As I’m only in nublar jungle and no epic hybrids (but I’m saving for gorgosuchus, thanks Halloween event). My team consists of a monolophosaur, velociraptor, rex, pyroraptor, raigasaur, secnodontosaur, stygimoloch and girraffatiton. I’m not sure if there is a better rare out there so In the discussion lets talk about good rares for teams

Ankylocodon is a good rare. I’m at 3,500+ and still have lvl 19 Ankylocodon on my team!

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I’m at 2800+ and I use Suchotator a lot. It’s a great versatile hybrid with easily acquired ingredients.

I’ll try level those guys

I’m at 3700, and Suchotator is still on my team, with Gorgosuchus and six legendaries… Its damage over time and its instant opponent’s damage reduction form a very good combo. It also has a nullifying impact that is useful when you start facing creatures with cloaks, shields and damage boosts. And has an always useful superiority strike!

My favorite rare!

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Suchotator really is the best. Very versatile move set.

Thanks for the advice, mines only lvl 6 so time to start leveling