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Jurassic World Alive criticism

I thing there are some “brainless” developers who are just out for money. The RNG does not exist, it is pre-scripted … in the SERVERDATENBANK investigated.

1The whole game = Unbalanced

2The matchmaking is preprogrammed if you lose or win (RNG pre-scripted)

3They will ask you to buy and you can not get a decent lvl without p2w

4The game has crashed regularly and can not be played for 1d

5Copie Paste by Pokemon Go

6Animal like the Indoraptor lvl 22 Losing it against a Sinoceratops lvl 12 because you lack an imunity or an attack with the Indoraptor eg Wild Attack and speeding up to 129 It can not be that every single time I kill Erlidominus because it’s faster and not yours programmed RNG does not make me doge

edit to point 6 How can a saber tooth tiger which is 130cm high and 180cm long kill an Indoraptor or a raptor or other Dinosaurs where a (Utahr) is 200cm tall and 400cm long?
(My Idea)
I addition, what better does he do is give him Imunity and Swap Dodge and Cleanup Thrust for Distracting Strike and Savage Attack (HP at 3600) or Imunity Dodge and Distracting Strike (HP 3600), * or Distracting Strike or Savage Attack to add to his attacks * where this in (*) would be the last option and please try to do something with imunitity I mean that’s 50% I-Rex and 50% Velociraptor the erlidominus i thing only 25% I-Rex and 75% Erlikosaurus …

The same opinion or part of the opinion tell me :+1: / :-1:

that isnt POGO copy past. You are layer.
This 2 games has lot of difference.
1st of all PVP (mean patch1.6 not 1.7 garbage)
2nd) Catching dinost are much more diff
3rd) Here is much more bugs
4rdú JWA content are much more better

Two questions where is number 3?
And you know you keep posting the same thing right?

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I honestly skipped most of the op when i saw copy and paste pogo… this is clearly a pogo and clash royale Frankenstein…

but he didnt say its copy paste of pogo. he said its copie paste with pogo which I assume means they share a cop together?

no but the update 1.7 makes the game bad and the other updates were a sneaking process and probably will not get any better …

This game has had a ton of people playing for almost a year. Many still love and have faith in the game. Why so negative? All of us are getting really roasty toasty on reading criticizing posts that offer literally nothing. If it’s that bad there are 100s of other games to play. Keep smiling, its important!

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i have no idea why threads like this are allowed on this forum.


I wish I didn’t like reading as much as I do. Get to the end and think what and why did I just read all of that.


I’ve already posted my criticisms in other threads and have said all that I care too regarding 1.7. Not sure there is anything more to say about it.

I may have fresh criticisms after maintenance tomorrow, or I may be praising Ludia for finally doing a good job. We’ll see :wink:

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i copied and pasted pogo:


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thats like yoyo syndrome bro… seek a jwa counselor asap lol

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I want them to do a good job so badly lol. Maybe I do need therapy. :blush:

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This is as far as I got. I scanned a little on my way scrolling past to comment, but just for the lulz.

I don’t like seeing anyone called ‘“brainless”’ and even worse is implying that devs are paid well or have a stake in the profits of the game.

saying all this while sitting on his couch lol…

I like the “preprogrammed RNG” line.
Really bakes your noodle.

there are sometimes German here or just Canadiens and other countries makes a forum in German then you see unanimously criticism
gibt es auch mal deutsche hier oder nur Kanadier und aus anderen ländern macht ein Forum auf Deutsch dann seht ihr einiges an Kritik