Jurassic World alive. Dead or alive

JWA has been for a few years now and i have seen some high and low points, good and bad nerfs.

To say Ludia is a joke among the fan base is an honest statement, though it is sometimes done in good fun, and other times out of sheer annoyance at disconnects.

However, i would like to ask and see some peoples thoughts in general, specially due to Facebooks warning they are going to shut down their site.

So let’s begin: 1. PVP love, hate or indifferent to it.

Personally i find it annoying at worst, and fun at best. IT is completely random with my level hovering around 5000-5500. I still see rares, and even commons in combat in with max boosts. OR fully realized apex teams. Meaning i never know what is coming next. This can lead to one sided matches where i just get the worse team line up for a match, but it cannot be helped. As i have also been the one to destroy a team with 1 dino.

Now PVP it suffers a little to much from RNG, if you ask me. Dodge, stuns, and Crits can be so random that you never think to factor them into a battle. I have seen matches where not a single critical happened. But on the flip side, i been on the receiving end, of a five turn game, where not one of my dodge moved worked, and i was knocked out by 4 criticals out of 5 total moves. In my opinion, the chances needs to be leveled out more.

Dodges need to work more often, even on the lower amount of dodges. I have long since lost count of the times i have used dodge with spino con, and had both of the next attacks, go right through my dodge with no effect.

Stuns, should always land. I don’t use stun dinos currently, and i get they are annoying. But the stun should always land unless they are resistant to it.

Criticals should be 1 per 10 matches, not upwards of 5 per match. Criticals are the most annoying thing, as so many games have been lost to an early critical. Criticals in short should feel like they come out of no where, much like the pokemon games, rather than just random coin flip each time a move is used. To top it off, if a critical lands, it should always hit for max damage. IF you are landing a critical, that means the dodge, and distraction should not work.

Darting: It is about the same as ever, darting points on legs and snakes are dead annoying. But there are worse things in the game. And the death noodles, are just hard to read, nothing to be able to helped there.

Supply Drops: Just fine

Shop: Reduce the cost to buy darts. Past that love the increase in darts, was able to run a 3 hour scent without issue.

Events: outside dinos not appearing at times. Bear Hybrid, no more need be said. Fun, and only a slight bit annoying if you cannot get near a spawn location. But it is much better than pokemon go, as i can play JWA anywhere, even a dirt road, and still find supply drops, strike, and events without issue.

Strike towers: Here i think is where i differ slightly, i do think the rewards coin wise should be increase on the smaller strike events. This would make it better for lower level players to begin leveling faster, and higher level players to keep leveling with all the extra dna they have earned.

Raids: while the system in game, has not allowed for easy chatting. The fact most people use Discord, a gaming app. Or facebook, has not slowed the game base. I still stand by that some of the raid dino’s power should be decreased for easier raids. But past that, once they are worked out, it can be fun to watch them fall to a select few attacks.

Tournament. Probably the single most problematic thing in the game. Skill tournements are fun for lower players as they are now on equal playing with older players. While advantage let’s those older players go on an all out war.

Only problem… random chance, so like pvp, you can have a single creature take you down.

Bugs… They exist. Some are fixed, some are worked on. OThers like disconnection are dead annoying. It is hard to say if they will ever fully be patched due to the different playforms, multpule different types of phones, and devices being used. One can hope they will, but a small team that manages a few different games has to try and listen to all groups, not just us.

Updates: Slow them DOWN. Even us older players who have gathered tons of DNA are struggling to keep up with all of the new dinos being added, as well as all the update, and changing meta. Give players some time to adjust to the game, this will give you chances to work on bugs. IF you have to do and update, you don’t always have to add new creatures. Bug updates are allowed. Look at Minecraft. The Bugs and Bees update was a tiny update, addition wise, but was a major update for fixing issues and performance of the game.

Lastly: Facebook threaten to remove itself. Ludia, it might be wise, if you don’t already have it, to allow players to change accounts from say facebook, to google, or something similar. This would keep a fair portion of the player base should facebook do one of the stupidest things ever, and actually should down their site.

To everyone else, leave your thoughts comments and concerns. I know this is not a prefect game, but the player base and chatting with them can be a lot of fun.


It’s a fun game. I played it for only an hour, but since I have so many games. But never forget the monol nerf.

I felt the nerf was needed personally so it was not just a slightly different Magna, now it is the obvious weaker version. But each to their own.

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It’s in the name, it’s “Alive” :rofl:

I think you could just connect with Facebook and Gplay at the same time…

( i did that as well )