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Jurassic World Alive elimination place

This is were the creatures from the last elimination round place in what places they are in. You know what I mean, don’t you? Yeah, sorry.



18th: Touramoloch
17th: Grypolyth
16th: Stygidaryx
15th: Thoradolosaur
14th: Pterovexus
13th: Indoraptor
12th: Utahrinex
11th: Diloracheirus
10th: Tenontorex
9th: Diorajasaur
8th: Smilonemys
7th: Geminititan
6th: Quetzorion
5th: Ardentismaxima
4th: Erlikospyx
3rd: Trykosaurus
2nd: Magnapyritor
1st: Erlidominus

Legendary part 1


16th: Dracoceratops
15th: Monolometrodon
14th: Darwezopteryx
13th: Ankyntrosaurus
12th: Dsungaia
11th: Skoolasaurus
10th: Carnotarkus
9th: Ardontosaurus
8th: Koolabourgiana
7th: Smilocephalosaurus
6th: Gigaspikasaur
5th: Allosinosaurus
4th: Diplovenator
3rd: Utasinoraptor
2nd: Tryostronix
1st: Indominus Rex

Legendary part 2


22nd: Paramoloch
21st: Indoraptor gen 2
20th: Pteraquetzal
19th: Indominus Rex
18th: Alankylosaurus
17th: Spinonyx
16th: Alloraptor
15th: Tyrannolophosaur
14th: Megalosuchus
13th: Pyrritator
12th: Spinotasuchus
11th: Nodopatotitan
10th: Rajakylosaurus
9th: Bajatonodon
8th: Mammotherium
7th: Monomimus
6th: Carbotoceratops
5th: Diloranosaurus
4th: Tragodistis
3rd: Monostegotops
2nd: Phorusaura
1st: Stegodeus

Non hybrid epic part 1


The place from previously is not done. It will remain being constructive.

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Nice to see Saturday Chill again.

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Indom has fallen a bit