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Jurassic world alive elimination

I just did :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Because of the name, Vulcano’s is better and that’s honestly the only thing I can base my votes on since Volgadraco was eliminated.

Unlike Vectiraptor I’m actually familiar with Vulcanodon, it’s one of the more memorable sauropods.

oh lol I thought you wanted Vectiraptor to win

But yeah Vulcanodon is much more familiar

On an unrelated question about Vulcanodon, have the teeth that were found within the specimen been identified as a species?

Lol it’s ok, I worded it wrong :sweat_smile:

The ones belonging to a theropod? Not yet I believe.

Oh, I thought that they would have been identified by now

I made some research and yeah, they haven’t been assigned to a genus yet, and considering Vulcanodon is the only dinosaur found in his area, we’ll have to wait more time.

And the winner is


It’s venenosaurus

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Thought Velociraptor was gonna win lol

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Thanks for pointing out the mistake


Me too. Oh well, Vulcanodon won

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