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Jurassic World Alive: Extinction

Fix the map already!! I have gone thru support on the game 3x about this problem. I’ve emailed support 2x about this problem and I’ve posted about 5x, even under other posters complaining of the same exact problem. YOU HAVE YET TO FIX IT OR RESPOND!! Every since update 1.10 the supply drops, spawns, etc have disappeared. Darts and Dinos are the base of this game, without both we can’t play. The map was not broke, until the update, now it’s getting worse each update and I refuse to pay monthly to play. I run out of darts using scents! I’ve gone from 5-6 in my radius to 2 on the outskirts. Sometimes GPS will glitch briefly and I can spin an extra stop. I live next to a mountain so the ones on the mountain are useless to me. I thought the idea was to be able to play everywhere equally but many now likely play primarily while driving because supplies and dinos in cities/towns are going into extinction!!! My city is beginning to look like a ghost town. image|281x500

dude. can’t show your support key on the forum.

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Thanks much!

no problem.
its just a security issue. someone with not good intentions could mess up your account.

Not sure how though, but can’t hurt to be cautious :slight_smile:

Title says it all.

There were plenty yesterday and plenty just after daily reset today. About half an hour after that, all the chests disappeared, green drops seriously reduced and a reshuffle of supply drops

I thought this was fixed after everyone lost there heads after Halloween?

Anyone else with the same problems?

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I have noticed the same. Only one near my house and one near work. :cry:

Be fortunate that you even have supply drops near you. I have none

i got only 2 in the distance. Tho i don’t really want any of the event commons, this will be a problem when the rares come out.

Exactly what the title says. Ever since the new supply drop algorithm my town is losing drops at an astounding rate. I’ve lost 8+ drops the past 24 hours. I’ve taken a few screenshots and wrote the amount of drops that used to be there underneath:

And it’s not just the amount of drops lost, it’s their locations. I’ve got huge dead zones in my town now, and my house is smack in the middle of one. I used to have 7 drops within range, and a few more with a little drift. Now I’ve got nothing. Very soon I won’t be able to play anymore due to simply not having enough drops to do so.

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Hey SideWinder, could you send a screenshot of your in-game map and support key to Please also include the date and time of when the screenshot was taken.


I’m having the same problem, the town is beginning to look like a barren wasteland. My play time has drastically reduced; log in, spin 2 stops, dart 2 dinos, log out till later, very boring game play

Can you please respond to the rest of us?? I’ve sent my screenshots and info multiple times since the 1.10 downgrade and have yet to receive assistance. This 1.11 update, just made a bad situation worse

It’s terrible. Spawns as well 100% suchumimus after reset and no green stops anywhere near me…

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Hey Blessed, depending on which email you’ve sent your screenshots to, you might not receive a response from our team. However, please rest assured that our team is gathering this information for their investigation.

Hi Ned, I’ve sent them to the “map+support” email and the “alive+support” email. I’ve also provided them to whoever answers the chat in the game. I’ve been persistently contacting you guys about the map and the chat problems since the 1.10 update (downgrade). The map was fine before then although chat wasn’t, but it was at least do-able then. The problems still persist today with the map and chat, both being practically unusable. Thanks for responding.

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I wish darts weren’t so expensive. My green drops have been nuked as well.

Less green drops, but that looks more like it how it used to be before the 1.10 changes. I don’t mind, I don’t need 70% green drops. 10-20% sounds way more reasonable.
I lost a supply drop on top of my house that’s been there for 1.5 years, but I can still reach about 4-5 so I’m not complaining.
Sanctuaries moved around a bit, the one I had creatures in moved about 100 meter away. Weird, but whatever.
All in all, the city doesn’t seem less populated than before in general. Maybe sliiiiightly less, but not worth getting upset over. There are more than enough to never run out of darts. (i haven’t bought a darts pack, ever)

Again there are 1-2 ESD in kilometre radius and again parks are some oasis beyond the desert. I also think that 70% is a bit too much but 10-20% is like nothing when they’re allmost all in the park areas. It’ll be good way to settle the things down if park drops would be 50% green and other normal (strikes,chests and etc) and the other places would have 30-35% of the drops green distributed as evenly as possible.

And when we have two set of featured creatures we should have 150% increasement of ESD’s not 200%

Same. A meteor must have hit my area hard, because everything is gone. Two orange towers left, that is all. Sanctuaries, green towers, boost events etc. All gone. Even diplocaulus is gone!

Of course I have cancelled my VIP, as it is completely useless now. But I figured I would give this a try, before deleting the game I have been playing since release.

Please tell me what to do?

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