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Jurassic World Alive: Extinction

Dracoceratops did it… he gathered all 5 stat stones. Health, Attack, Speed, Armor and Critical. He also gathered the boost stone and snapped… lots of dinosaurs turned to dust, mostly non hybrids. More hybrids survived, but not all were safe… We must gather strong dinosaurs to help defeat dracocerstops and bring back the fallen…


Jurassic World Alive: Extinction

Update 1.12, my map is still a wasteland!! The few supply drops in my area don’t change location, but they do change their function. Game is pretty much unplayable when I’m home, work, doctors office, etc, only good during commute!

Dinos that do pop up while commuting disappear in a fraction of a second before you can hit launch.

Chat is still broke, have to restart the game to see recent requests and messages. Wish they’d put the 2 in separate tabs.

Ludia was notified of all issues (approx 30 screenshots, at various times since 1.10 update, just for the map issue) but yet they give a generic response and fix nothing!!