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Jurassic World Alive Field Guide App!

Hey guys! I built a JWA Field Guide App and it’s now live for iOS! With it you can look up all Dinos, View their detailed stats, Traverse their complete genetic tree, Save your Favourites, and Calculate Evolve Costs! Happy Dino Hunting!!

JWA Field Guide


Thanks for the quick update! Simply the complete guide for JWA fanatics !


This app is brilliant. Glad the author updated so quickly after 1.7


May I suggest something? It can be more convenient if the search bar is foldable while we scroll down the dinodex. Right now we have to scroll all the way to the top to access to it.
Thank you for the brilliant work!

Thank you very much, Matt, for updating the field guide so quicky after 1.7 is out.

This is really a great app and I am sure that everyone appreciates it!

Many thanks for the good work


Awesome app, on Android or IOS guys, don’t miss it! Just the calculator alone is worth it but everything else is soooo top notch.


Hey @TeaRekz! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll add it to my future enhancement list.


Hopefully stat boosts can be added in the future, either directly to individual dinosaurs or calculator … @MattEllis

Hello !

I found out that Dimodactylus page misses out its new move instant lockdown.

Besides, I like the new nickname underneath the creatures :smiley:

Hey @Legomin1314! I plan to add in stat boosts, I just haven’t had a chance to plan it out yet. Is there a spot you have in mind where you’d love to see them in JWA Field Guide?

Hey @lcy! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix that for the next update!

Thanks @MattEllis! Will we be having an update for Android any time soon?

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@Anthony_Papadopoulos Do you mean with v1.7 creatures? The Android version went live on May 2nd. Do you not see it?

Sorry, bud, missed it! Will update, with many thanks!

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If possible on every dino- same stat page after level 30.

Thanks you very much for your hard work here. Much appreciated!

Thanks for the app, man. It’s awesome!

Did you develop both iOS and Android apps yourself?

Hey @Juraysic! Yup I developed both iOS and Android versions myself so I’ve definitely been busy lately!! It’s especially hectic when Ludia releases new major versions. I’m working on some other VERY cool JWA stuff as well (AI battle sim). Not sure yet how that will fit into JWA Field Guide but it’s a fun challenge in any case!


Great app and thank you. Use it almost everyday

Awesome @Maveri! That’s great you’re finding it useful!