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Jurassic World Alive Field Guide App!


Thanks man! I really hope Ludia fixes the current issues so that everyone finds it fun again! And so you can use JWA Field Guide again :wink:


Yep! Gonna miss it got now…


I can’t edit the original post text but I wanted to let you all know that Android version has actually been LIVE since December :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the Android version:


you are the real MVP :smiley: with how fast you update the Field Guide and how useful it is.

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Thanks @RoadToHell0 :wink: I figured I needed to jump on the new Speed boost calculations as everyone was going to be trying to sort out who to spend them on!!


well, not everyone.


@MattEllis I was feeling sorry initially for requesting you to add tier boost coz of the recent issues. But at least now only speed need to be adjusted. Many thanks again…

With boost meta, Field Guide now is very useful . I need to spread these boost wisely … just enough to counter current tier levels of the majority, without over-boosting.

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No problem man! Hopefully things are better now. I actually did update the Speed Boost Tiers in JWA Field Guide. v2.1.2 has the new values.


I just want to say:“THANK YOU!!!”
App is awesome and a must have for any dinohunter .

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Awesome!! I’m really happy it’s so useful for you!


Very useful app.
I very much like it.
One suggestion though-if the app can show relevant dinos while typing their names would be much appreciated.

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Hey @ELENDIL! Thanks for the suggestion. The tricky part about showing a pick-list as you type is that you can search for a LOT more than just Dino names. You can also search for move names and descriptions, spawn locations, tier types, and rarity types. You can also do expression searches like “speed > 127” or “critical = 40”. I will add this to my list of potential future enhancements!

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Just noticed that when using the term “hybrid” in the search, it doesn’t include the super hybrid sarcorixis.


So super hybrids are not considered a sub set of hybrids and don’t appear if you are searching for hybrids.


just updated. nice version.
only issue still the view width: i cant read right collum in stats area (tier, damage, critical).
only option is reduce device font size, read, and change sett again.


Hey @StoneCutter! You’re right that “hybrid” only searches for creatures whose parents are both non-hybrids (i.e., “normal hybrids”) and searching for “super hybrid” finds all creatures where one or more of their parents are hybrids. There is another special search term to return BOTH normal hybrids AND super hybrids at the same time. Try searching for “gmo” :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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Hey @AndreMR can you please send me a screenshot of what you see? Also can you let me know your device font settings so I can try replicate it?

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Samsung Galaxy S7 (flat), Android 8.0


if i set higher zoom or font, the info is gone. if i set to device default, still a little cut at “apex high” text.
but i use device with zoom or font higher as shown.

ps: phone language is pt-br here, but take a look at sliders settings :face_with_hand_over_mouth: