Jurassic World Alive general feedback megathread

Hello there DPG members!

Today, I wanted to start something of which I though about for quite a long time now: a mega thread with feedback for all general gameplay aspects, divided by tab criteria found in the game: you may suggest new ideas, and if your reply gets a minimum of 10 hearts, I’ll add it to the list.
These are mostly based on what I hear from places where the community is more active, such as Discord and this forum, and also doesn’t take in account any leak/datamine know to this day.
Any kind of feedback and improvement suggestion to the feedback list is greatly appreciated:

  • General

Bugs, issues fix and stability only updates: this has been requested for a while now and most people would be grateful if once in a while the game goes under maintenance to run smoothly

More ports of hybrid and non hybrid creatures from JPB and JWTG: Jurassic World: The Game seems to be getting every creature that is originally from JWA, so why can’t be it the other way around too?

“Story mode”: some kind of storyline to keep players engaged more, based on some dinos description where it alludes to some kind of natural disasters, it would be nice to go deeper into this and have some kind of “Save the Ecosystems” campaign

  • Map

Drone avatar (Poll): this one was in the Feature poll last year and still hasn’t been released

Make supply drops give a minimum of 100 coins and 5 bucks: it takes AGES to collect any kind of substancial amount if currency from supply drops, at least raise it a bit

Story mode strike towers: this refers to the above mentioned story mode, where we would fight against the “ecological disasters”

– Sanctuaries:

Care bonus (Poll): this feature was in the Features poll as well, and yet hasn’t been implemented

– Profile:

Background customization: you know those images from the shop when you purchase some kind of bundle or special incubator? Those are some sweet graphics, why not giving us the option of putting them in our profile behind our badge? Like a flag!

Badge & Title displayer: whem you go to someone’s profile, you only see the recently collected badges, but maybe you want to showcase a rare/hardly obtainable badge for which you worked your butt off! With this, you could display a maximum of 8 of your best badges! Would also work for titles

– Missions:

Auto-collection for unclaimed daily rewards: can we please have this? It works for incubators so why not for daily rewards as well?

— Achievements:

Change for certain achievements:

Distinctive Gait: lower the Dog levels to 15

Cenozoic Expert: lower the level of the Rhinos to 15

Battle Chops: lower the level of the Hell Pigs to 15

Thagomizer: lower the level of the Stegos to 15

Nobody needs over-levelled creatures, without talking about those who can’t afford it

Must Shoot Faster: change it so you only need to take 5 direct hits on Trex IN TOTAL, not in 1 drone session, the big theropod model is one of the most painful to dart, and making 5 direct hits in one session has very little chances of happening, especially since Trex is an Epic

Achievements related to daily gifts

Make hard to obtain titles, badges and emotes be obtainable in other ways: I’m mostly referring to titles that require you to get from Aviary arena to higher ones, but if you have any suggestion on another achievement that has difficult to obtain cosmetics it’d be welcome

  • Shop

“Trade Harbor” similar to JWTG, where you can get DNA, bucks, coins, boosts, darts, sanctuary items, scents and refund tokens by trading DNA, bucks, cash, darts and sanctuary items: this kinda speaks for itself

  • Collection

Option to narrow creatures from bottom to top with any filter on


  • Battle

Make tournaments KO count towards daily battle incubator

Arena checkpoint

Make all creatures exclusive to arena incubators stack up instead of limiting them to an arena, giving incubators of different arenas while in a superior arena

Give emotes/badges/titles be found in PvP incubators to involve more players in alliance missions

Animation for Revenge abilities: make some kind of “coin flip” animation, so that there’s no issue in trying to keep all the effects of the action in one imagine

Animation for Alert/Secure abilities: same as revenge abilities

Expand Frenzy, Secure/Threatened and Sacrifice mechanics to more creatures

“Absorb” mechanic: your HPs at the price of your enemies’ HPs

– Raids:

Make either a new tab in the Battle section or a big strike tower on the map

Every raid available at every day of the week, rewards reset 7 days after collecting them

Make on escape and swap in abilities trigger once in a battle

Make heal moves that heal all allies count as rally heals

Thank you everyone for taking your time in reading this, I hope I was clear in everything and to hear your feedback soon😊


I love this idea!



We should also be able to, in the collection, search a creature by its name, by typing it into a search bar, for the people with lots of creatures.

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How about a scroll bar on the side of the collection. It is so frustrating the amount of times I click on a creature to scroll all the way to the bottom to fuse, or something kind of like the create section in the collection when you can make a new creature, but instead a fuse section so you do not have to scroll All the way to the bottom to fuse. The fuse section would show at the top of the collection screen letting you know you can fuse for a hybrid you have not created yet.


Yes! I would even take that option instead of what I suggested!

Maybe reduce the levels for the campaign “Recomended”

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Slightly reduce the attack of flocks with each member defeated
Like maybe on 3 creatures 100% base attack, 2 creatures 90% base attack, and on 1 creature 75% of base attack
Just make it do this can’t be cleansed or reduced except with Rally Heal


100 for full, 66 for reduced, 33 for threatened?


I did consider that @koola888 but I thought it would make flocks useless so I figured that one flock member is the base but more and more attack gets added on with each member

This is an idea I’ve had for quite a while and I’m surprised it hasn’t been brought up much.

Accurate Creature Sizes.
It’s always bugged me how unnecessarily small or large some creatures are. A great example is Suchomimus being the same size as Spinosaurus or Indominus Rex for the sole fact that they use the same rig. Raid and campaign bosses have proved that increasing the size of creatures doesn’t cause major issues in battle, so this idea is definitely possible. The only problem is that there may be issues with viewing the creature in your collection, but accurate creature sizes wouldn’t matter there anyway. This would also give answers as to how big many of the game’s hybrids are, and makes each creature feel more unique with lots of varying sizes in battle.


How about trade harbor like in JWTG
Refreshes every 3 hours, can be sped up with bucks
Can trade DNA coin bucks and darts
Unlocked at level 12
Non VIPS get one custom trade a day and VIPS get three


Hybrids in sanctuary as in epic and rare ones

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It’s already in the list😉

Nope I disagree hybrids shouldn’t be in sancs …

Dart the components instead and make the hybrids

Then para lux?

Would be great to have para lux in sancs but as it’s legendary I doubt Ludia would allow …

For tourneys it’d be great if after a battle it didnt take you all the way back to the regular pvp screen.