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Jurassic World Alive "Go Plus"

I’ve always loved the Pokemon Go Plus for Pokemon Go with the ability to just having to trying to catch pokemon in the background for me when I’m off trying to do something else, like being in class or working for instance. Having a Jurassic World Alive variant has always been something I have really wanted to come out for a while now, and I do not believe it really ever will, however, I think this as a product would be really popular potentially, and could potentially bring in a lot more players who do not have the time to constantly dart creatures throughout the day. Realistically, I would see it working as firing a set number of darts, typically I can fire around 12, so I can see the number being set to around 8-10 darts fired by the device, and then each dart would have a set percentage of hitting a certain part of the dart circle, or even a chance to miss as well perhaps, just like the go plus has the aspect that the pokemon can still flee. The biggest debate with this device would come with the player radius used to find creatures and dart them, mainly whether it should only be limited to the main circle at the point where the player is located, or change the number of darts fired for farther creatures. I could see this being a very commonly used product for many people who love to play this game, and it would be a very nice way to collect DNA throughout the day.

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