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Jurassic World Alive - new stat boosts = more brokenness

This is a personal opinion from someone who has spent months being forced to used boosts just to keep up in the arenas. I finally had a team that could at least keep up with Ludia’s very unbalanced matching system plus the horribly statted out dinos that lurked the arenas. I would’ve preferred no boosts altogether, but I had no choice but to use them just to stay in the game…

So, I patiently and diligently acquired boosts WITHOUT PURCHASING THEM. Now I feel like I’m being punished. People who bought boosts still have dinos in the arena that are completely decimating everything and everyone. I’ve dropped a significant amount of trophy levels as a result. I was barely keeping up as it was, but now Ludia has made it impossible to get anywhere.

I was given such a measly amount of stat boosts as a refund, can’t balance out my team to keep up, and am being pitted against creatures and teams that have a crazy amount of boosts AND are way ahead of me in both level of dinosaurs and stats themselves.

Ludia, please… PLEASE fix this! I’d prefer like the rest of the world that stat boosts didn’t exist at all. However, if there are going to be boosts, you need to make sure that everyone has a fighting chance, and that you actually have a system that pairs opponents that are relatively equal. What I experienced today as of yet was FAR, FAR from that.

People can disagree with me if they wish, but I think it’s time to face the facts. Stats are more broken than ever. Trying to fix them time and time again hasn’t worked. Why not get rid of the altogether.

Just an idea.

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…does this problem seem more prevalent than it was with the old boost system? I suppose given time, the arenas will level out again to about the same that they were before. You will still be absolutely crushed by some other player at the end of a losing streak who’s much more powerful, but that’s how it goes.

I bought quite a few boosts under the new system. Up until then, I was strict f2p. I’m also unhappy with the new system.

matchmaking is not broken it will always pair you with a more powerful team, if you play other ludia games thats how it woeks there too, that is a strategy to annoy players and make the use boosts, it’s rigged that way, that’s why they don’t fix it

…If it always matches you with a much more powerful team, then you’d be down at Arena 1. If you stay at your current arena, that means you’re getting half-and-half victories and losses. If you ask me, sounds like a healthy system.
You’re always getting matched against more powerful opponents because you’re smarter than they are. Dinos your level would be a cakewalk for you, and you would progress in arenas until BAM, you’re always fighting monsters bigger than yours. That’s the way it should be, yes?

They’ve literally trashed the game. They need to get rid of boosts altogether.

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I agree. I thought with the level cap it would be possible to boost all your dinos reasonably and maybe even a few more so you could change your team if you want.

Now you have to decide what’s your team and stick with it, even though ludia buffs and nerfs randomly every patch. 8 dinos for the rest of your playtime, cause you only get half of the boosts back and even have to pay for that.

It’s more pay to win than ever, it’s more boring than ever cause you have to stick with your dinos.

I have played this game for a year every day. If you stick with this boost system I will give it up.


I want to know if we were given enough boost points back to account for the game cash spent on them. If we have been given the amount of boosts back equal to their value in the new system then Ludia needs to add another arena for the whales because even most paying players will never see 8 10/10/10 creatures in their team. And the rest of us will see all these reset boosts dumped on Rats.

If the matchmaking of this game is like the one in “titans uprising” wich i honestly think it is, then it takes your team power level and match it with another that is higher, like say your team has 3000 power, it’ll match you with a team that is 3200, doesn’t seem much but it eanough to get you crushed by a dino that is 3 levels above and has more boosts, sometimes due to the game mechanic of not chosing your team you’ll win because the oponent didn’t get that op dino, thats what i mean by beeing matched agaisnt stronger oponents.

Yes, I understand that opponents won’t always be matched perfectly, and that, yes, there will be times when I get crushed. However, I am a pretty savvy player, simply because I’ve had to be to keep up with opponents who pay to play, or who have been playing longer. I’ve managed to keep up decently, but now that this new system is in place, it’s even more outa whack. The teams I’m being pitted against are often WAY above my team’s level. My max dinos are lvl 20, I have no uniques as of yet, though I’m getting closer (just started playing in February of this year).

I also watch YouTube videos and read information on the game to help me pick and chose who to level up, who to create, how to play smart, etc (yeah, I have a bit of time on my hands right now :rofl:). So… my point is, up until now, things were relatively balanced, but I feel like with the update, that’s changed.

I’ve also noticed that the game tends to stop allowing you to win by setting you up with teams massively outweighing you especially once you have all your incubator slots full. Sometimes I need to battle in the arena for more coins. I don’t mind losing some trophies or staying stagnant to do so, but when my max lvl 20’s and 18’s (mostly legendary minus yoshi, who’s really one of the only dinos I have boosted at the moment because they cost 100 points now and I was given like NOTHING after the update) are being pitted against majorly boosted uniques that are lvl 22 and higher… something is broken.

I also agree that they shouldn’t charge 50 stat boost points to redistribute them amongst your team. Once you have boosts, they should always be in your possession (especially since they often charge people for them when they offer boosts in the shop - which I don’t purchase because I just don’t have money to spend on a game).

I have absolutely NO problem with Ludia wanting to make money off of their game. It’s a business, and they hire many extremely skilled programmers, artists, animators, etc etc etc who deserve to be paid well for their hard work (I went to animation school and have many friends in the gaming industry, so I KNOW the hard work it takes to make a game like JWA - and I also know most gaming artist and animators aren’t paid what they really are worth).

However, it would be nice to see the game more balanced for people like me who bring revenue through watching ads, etc and can’t afford to pay to play at lease have a bit of a fighting chance.

Hopefully things will even out, but realistically those who already have all those boosts from their purchases have a huge leg up right now. I feel like the gap between pay to play players and those who play very regularly but can’t afford to pay is much bigger now.

Honestly, he best option would be to nix the boosts altogether.

Just my opinion.

Overall though. JWA is pretty much my favorite game right now, and it’s really, really a beautiful game. Kudos to the animation team, the creature design team, the game design team, the concept artists, the vfx artists, and the programmers. Ya’ll are constantly outdone yourselves!

Time to uninstall lolz, we farmed these boosts and now they are gone. Good grief ! What a great update. Lolz

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