Jurassic World Alive should be renamed to Jurassic World Bugs

I come here, for the thousandth time, to pay my dissatisfaction with this game. Tournament battles full of bugs, server connection always unstable, boring matches, because there is little dino option and consequently ALL players have the same team, which is extremely boring and unbearable. Several times I fell in position due to the pink screen bugs, a connection that stopped the game and I was forced to restart the game and lost. This game is just downhill. That is why I do not recommend ANYONE to download this game, because it is more defective than correct. And just a note, is that some games, especially tournament games, in which the player is harmed by bugs in the game, these games should be canceled and not count as a victory or defeat and the player should receive a bonus for this error . Why is it so, you love to say that the player cannot take advantage of bugs, etc., that will punish and etc., in practice, I don’t see any of that. We, the players, have no voice in this game, you (Ludia) never pay attention to our complaints and do absolutely nothing to change this. Each update always has the same crap as always.


It gets even better, not only we lost last week tournament rewards but also this season’s stigy.

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